A Letter To Me In 10 Years

Yesterday Debt Ninja proposed the idea of writing a letter to ourselves in 10 years… here is my attempt at mine:

SS4BC of 10 years from now,

Ten years, I can’t believe you’re almost forty! How time flies! I hope that you’ve gotten a lot done in these past 10 years.

First off, are you happy? Did you live your life such that you have no regrets? Did you take full advantage of each day you were given and each opportunity that you had? I hope that you have, since our days are fleeting and we only get one shot at them.

By now you’re probably a full professor at some university. I hope that your research is going well and that you still love what you’re doing. You were very anxious about being a professor 10 years ago, I hope that you find it was the best career decision you could have made. Is it worth all the effort you put into it?

How about your love/family life? I truly hope that you have found someone who understands you, who you can travel through life with, who knows your hopes and dreams and shares them with you. Maybe you have kids, maybe you don’t. But I hope at least that you found a partner that is your equal who brings out the best in you and you bring out the best in.

Are you volunteering regularly? You know that you love doing it, so I hope you have carved out a special place in your life to help those who haven’t been so blessed.

How has living 100% credit free gone? Did you give this up on the first sign that you REALLY wanted a house? C’mon, fess up!!!

I know that these past 10 years have presented you with some trying situations, ones that I cannot even begin to comprehend, but know that you have people in your life that love you no matter what. When you think you are alone, you’re not. When you think you cannot stand, you can. When you’re afraid of quitting, don’t. Everything will turn out okay. If there is anything we’ve learned from the first (nearly) 30 years, it is that life somehow always works itself out.

Please keep me safe, I hope that you’re still exercising and keep us healthy. I want to live a good, long life. You know how afraid we are of dying young because of mom and our brother, let’s remember to stay on track with our physical healthy, even though it seems like a last priority sometimes.

I do wish you all the best SS4BC of the future… and I hope that I can do everything in my nature to get you where you need to be!

Love you and see you in 10 years!!


What would you write in a letter to yourself 10 years from now?


18 Responses to A Letter To Me In 10 Years

  1. “Did you live your life such that you have no regrets? Did you take full advantage of each day you were given and each opportunity that you had? I hope that you have, since our days are fleeting and we only get one shot at them.”

    …aw, I really love you, SS4BC!

  2. Dear SS4BC (in 2020),

    You’re a great person. I hope that you’ve been a happy and healthy person in the last 10 years. 🙂

    Asian Pear (in 2010)

  3. corrin says:

    Another great letter – I’m so glad to see everyone focusing on health and happiness and family!

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  5. Beautifully written! I hope we all never forget these inspiring words to ourselves…

  6. Chad says:

    Great post. Thanks for the transparency.

  7. Love this letter. Very well written 🙂

  8. Miss Alpha says:

    Did your Mom pass away when you were young? Mine passed away when I was 4.

    PS: Great letter 🙂

  9. Ninja says:

    Wow. Powerful stuff there. I think you totally will reap the benefits of all your hard work and 10 years from now can read this letter completely satisfied 🙂

  10. Wow really a great letter. Some nice aspirations you have, also very open! This really is an excellent idea!

  11. I think you will look back at this letter in 10 years and be really proud of the person you already were! Great letter.

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  13. Jeff says:

    I agree with everyone here. A most excellent letter. I wish you nothing but success for the next 10 years and beyond.

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  16. Anime King says:

    This is a pretty cool idea. I used to write goals for myself in a text file on my PC, a few months ago I decided I would leave myself a message for next year when I peruse my text file.

    A 10 year letter is not a bad idea either. Though I am a little worried that I might disappoint myself, but as a procrastinator, I will have 10 years to worry about that! 😛

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