Net Worth November 2012

Time for my monthly Net Worth summary. Here goes:


  • Cash on hand: $500 (I always use this amount as it is an average of my cash available on any given day of the month.)
  • Home value: $177,000
  • Retirement: $23,094 (+2.44% from October 12)
  • Savings accounts: $1360 (-24.44% from October 12)


  • Home Mortgage: $162,073 (-0.44% from October 12)
  • Student loans: $12,571  (-1.41% from October 12)
  • Credit card debt: $10,591 (-25.83% from October 12)

Total Net Worth: $16,719 (+39.01% from October 12)

Net Worth Last Month: $12,027

Net Worth a Year Ago: -$2,074

My savings account has gone down since I save every year for Christmas and now I’m starting to spend that money. I also have decreased my contributions to it to pay down debt faster. So I’m not surprised that this value has decreased at all. My retirement value has also increased, but starting in January I’m going down to 3% contributions from 6% until my credit card debt is payed off. Since my job does not do retirement matching I’m going to do the remaining 3% in a ROTH IRA after the credit card is paid off.

As you can see the credit card debt has substantially decreased since last month. And it is still going down. Mr Woodpecker and I are anxiously waiting to get below $10,000. It will be a big deal to be in 4 digit debt instead of 5. =)


2 Responses to Net Worth November 2012

  1. Caitlin says:

    Yay! Congrats for your continued progress. ~40% gain in net worth in a little over a month is definitely impressive.

  2. Mary says:

    Congratulations on making such great progress!

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