Insane 6 Months: Six Weeks Down!

Mr Woodpecker and I are working really hard to get all of the credit card debt paid off in 6 months. We’re now through 6 weeks and we’ve done an amazing job so far. In 6 weeks we’ve paid off $4087 in credit card debt!

It feels so good to pay it off! Here are the nuts and bolts of how we’re paying this debt off:

  • Living on my salary and putting his salary to debt payment.
  • I picked up two part time jobs: tutoring for $40/hr for 2-4 hours per week and working ~20 hrs/week at Kohls.
  • Mr Woodpecker has picked up my responsibilities at home while I work more.
  • Trimming the fat on our budget for things that aren’t necessities.
  • Sticking to our budget!
  • Talking regularly and openly about our budget and what we spend on things.

The stuff above is actually the easy part. The hard part I’ve found in the past is motivation. Here is what we do to stay motivated about getting out of debt:

  • Every time I get paid, I put it on the credit card immediately. I get texts from my bank everytime Kohl’s pays me. So as soon as I get that text I log on and put that exact amount on the credit card. On my way home from tutoring, I stop at the ATM and deposit the money. Then when I get home I put it immediately on the credit card. This keeps the money from being spent any other way. Last month I ended up with almost 15 payments on the credit card. Some large, some small. But all felt amazing!
  • I keep a record of our payments on the fridge door. Every time I make a payment I write it on a piece of paper that is on the fridge with the date of the payment. Seeing it there every time we open the door reminds us of what we’re doing and keeps us going. Mr. Woodpecker has told me that this is his biggest motivator because it is “right there” every time he goes to eat.
  • We celebrate every payment and milestone. By celebrate I mean high fives, hugs, and kisses. When I put a $58 payment on the credit card it is awesome to know that I have a partner who will congratulate me on that and be just as excited as I am about it.
  • We got engaged. Okay, not everyone can do this. But now we’re extra motivated to pay off this debt because we want to start our married life without it and we don’t want to have our wedding until it is paid off and we can save for our wedding and pay for it in cash. This is also another amazing motivation to keep us going.

I won’t lie, the past 6 weeks have been exhausting. Working 45-50 hrs per week at my normal job and then going to my part time job in the evenings and weekends is just hard. I miss him a lot. And he misses me. The only way I can do this is knowing that he is taking care of everything at home while I’m not there and knowing that it is only temporary. It has definitely made us cherish the 1 or 2 nights a week that we get where I don’t have to work ย all the more!


7 Responses to Insane 6 Months: Six Weeks Down!

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow that’s awesome!

  2. deenadollars says:

    Holy cow, you guys are killing it! Congratulations, and I’m so excited to see you succeeding at something you’ve been working at for so long. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see the other 74% go by successfully!

  3. Amazing. You guys are doing great!

  4. Allison says:

    Wow, at this rate it wont take 6 months!
    I’m preparing to do something similar myself, I think. I’m a little scared to do so but I really want my credit card debt gone.

  5. ND Chic says:

    Great job! You guys are kicking butt. I’m sure it is exhausting working so many hours but at the end you will be credit card debt free ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Jerry says:

    Wonderful news! I hope it leads to more milestones down! Your insurance for becoming debt-free is staying focused and gittin’ er done!

  7. congratulations! It must be really awesome to tackle this as a team.

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