Insane 6 Months: Two Weeks Down!

Mr Woodpecker and myself are doing our “crazy intense” 6 months to pay off credit card debt. So far we’re a few days over 2 weeks down and we’re doing an excellent job at paying down debt.

As I mentioned before I got a part time job at Kohl’s. I’m also tutoring a girl once a week at $40/hr. 100% of the money from these two things is going to debt.

Also, we’re living entirely off of my salary and Mr Woodpecker’s paycheck is going towards debt reduction or medical bills.

Due to all of these factors we’ve managed to so far pay down almost $2,200 in the past two weeks!

For the remainder of the month there should be another $200-300 that will get applied to the debt. It’s just encouraging to see such a big number this first month. In two weeks we’ve managed to pay off almost 15% of the credit card debt. So we’re only a tiny bit behind schedule for paying it off (we’d need 16% paid off per month), but the money will pick up quit a bit at Kohl’s the closer it gets to Christmas, and I’ll get a fairly substantial overload paycheck in February to help tip the scales in our favor for paying this off.

I’m super excited! Can’t wait to get this debt GONE!


5 Responses to Insane 6 Months: Two Weeks Down!

  1. Amazing! Keep it up SS4BC! You inspire me to get a part time winter job.

  2. Deena Dollars says:

    That’s amazing! I know this has been your battle for a long time, and it must feel great to see some solid progress. 🙂

  3. jpcatter says:

    That’s great! Its been awhile since I’ve stopped by….having a baby and all. 🙂

  4. Jerry says:

    It’s such a good feeling, huh??! It leads to paying it off even faster when you get started. And, being debt free is insurance you won’t get into debt again, I find.

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