Working at Kohl’s

I’m finally past training at Kohl’s and am REALLY enjoying working there. The people I work with are super nice and the management has been great to me so far. Everyone is so helpful and willing to answer all the questions I have, also every has such a positive attitude, which is very awesome. I’m also getting really good hours and they have (so far) been really willing to work with my schedule (which is really open, but still, it is nice that they’re so accommodating to my life).

The awesome thing is that I get paid every Friday. So as soon as my Kohl’s money hits my bank account *BOOM* I put that money on my credit card. So this week it was only $53 (1 day of orientation, 1 day of training). The next one will also be small (1 day of training, 1 day of work). However next week I’m scheduled for 21 hours and the week after I’m schedule for 20.

So far I’ve helped close once (2nd day of training) which was *not* fun. Having to put all of the stuff back on the racks that customers don’t end up buying takes me so long because I have no clue where anything goes. So it takes me half an hour to put away the same number of items that experienced employees can do in like ten minutes. I know this takes time and practice, but I really just prefer doing things I’m good at (I know, I know, how  can I get good at it if I don’t do it?)

I’m glad that I’m getting so many hours and can’t wait to work more. I’ve helped so far 2 students and 1 coworker – it was awkward – but that’s the price I pay for working at a store just a few blocks from my school. I’m just glad for the extra income to help pay down this debt. At this rate it will be gone in no time! (I’m expecting great things 😉 )

3 thoughts on “Working at Kohl’s

  1. Glad it’s going well and you’re getting lots of hours. I bet when they see you doing a good job you’ll get tons of hours-that always happened when I worked retail at Christmas. They hired me for part time and in no time flat, I’d have 38-40 hours a week steadily. (Don’t know if you want to work that much, but I did it because it was short term). Hope it continues to go well 🙂

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