My new job!

In my post “Six Months to Freedom” I told you all about Mr Woodpecker and I’s plan to eliminate our credit card debt in 6 months.

Part of the plan to pay off this debt in 6 months involved me getting a seasonal job. I applied for around 8 jobs online. Within the day I heard back from Kohl’s. I was in for an interview on the following Thursday. On Saturday they called my references. On Sunday they called to offer me a position. Wednesday I came in for orientation and following Thursday I started training. I’ll be working Point of Sale (POS), which means I have to solicit credit cards. But I also get to talk with people, which I love. It doesn’t pay super awesome, but it is higher than minimum wage. I’m just happy to have  a job. So far I like my manager a lot, which is great. I am still in training, so we’ll see how I like the job once I start working more hours.

I also put an ad up on Craigslist for tutoring and a girl contacted me. I offered a rate of $40/hr. We met a few days later for 2 hours. A very easy $80 made. She is a great person to tutor, very smart, just is taking her Chemistry class online and needs a little guidance. Hopefully we’ll be meeting a few more times before the end of the semester. (Don’t worry, she attends a different school than the one that I teach at, so there is no conflict of interest.)

I am excited about the new job. I’m excited about getting this date paid off. So far this month we’ve paid about $1000 on the credit card, it is a great start to this 6 months of insane, gazelle intensity.

4 Responses to My new job!

  1. psychsarah says:

    Good on ya for taking on the extra work to get your debt paid off. I’ve often considered this, but now I have a little man at home, I just can’t stomach being away from him more than I already am with my full time day job. Hope you enjoy the gig at Kohl’s. I always worked retail at Christmas during undergrad-made some cash to pay for Christmas presents and next semester’s books. It can be kinda chaotic dealing with stressed shoppers, but if you know it’s time limited, it’s do-able.

  2. Nice. I’m debating getting a seasonal job while I look for something more permanent, and i had lost track of the fact that the time to decide is now. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Caitlin says:

    Congrats on your side hustles! Can’t wait to see your post when you have met your 6 month debt payoff goal!

  4. ND Chic says:

    Nice on the Kohls job and the tutoring job. You sure are chipping away your debt. Good job.

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