A few weeks ago I joined a CSA through my local grocery store. It has been WONDERFUL. It is $25/week and it is so fun to know that the food that I’m getting is all locally made and produced. Unlike a lot of farm-specific CSAs, this one is a general one so I get a variety of products.

For instance, a typical week might include some peaches, a whole chicken, yellow squash, milk, cheese, sourdough bread, and honey. I was thinking when I joined that I’d just get a whole bunch of weird vegetables and I wouldn’t know what to do with it. But as it turns out, this one is kind of like grocery shopping, you get a lot of those regular items you need, but it is also local!

The excitement about the CSA has caused me to rediscover my local farmer’s markets. Last Saturday I went to the one closest to my apartment. It wasn’t nearly as awesome as the farmer’s market in the town I used to live in (a college town with a HUGE farmer’s market), but it was decent and had a lot of good stuff.

The more I think about the CSA and the farmer’s market, the more intrigued I get at the idea of trying to always eat local food and local products. As the CSA has shown me there are local makers of all the things I “normally” get like eggs, cheese, bread – even candy and jams! And then making sure that I eat meat that is raised humanly, grass fed, and let to roam and have a good life before it becomes my dinner (which I was able to do at the CSA and the farmer’s market).


One Response to The CSA

  1. Jerry says:

    CSAs are great! I belonged to one in Maine and the quality of the food was so much better than what I could find in the regular grocery store. It’s insurance for your health and the environment. I hope others might follow the lead so we can make more sweeping changes in this regard.

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