Meet the Realtor

This morning Mr. Woodpecker and I met with the realtor to go through the entire home buying process. I explained to him all of my hesitations with buying a house at this moment and he was very reassuring and understanding about why I wanted to wait, which I appreciated.

He gave us a step by step through the process from getting pre-approval, to when I would be writing checks, to walking in the front door for the first time. Mr Woodpecker and I were both very excited, but I was also very happy to know that I had a realtor who understood why we wanted to wait at least a year.

The main thing I want to know at this point is: How much house can I afford? This gives me a better idea of how much I need to save for a down payment, whether this is feasible, and where I’ll need to look.

This of course requires a credit check. And so I wait… not so patiently… to hear back from a lender about what I can get approved for. I wouldn’t want to spend over $150,000 on a house because after that I wouldn’t feel comfortable affording the monthly payments.

Mr Woodpecker and I are excited, anxious, and motivated to get to the place where this house thing can be real and we can have a home with a yard and all that good stuff.

Now we just need to get the financial deck of cards in order!


3 Responses to Meet the Realtor

  1. addvodka says:

    I’m so excited for you!

  2. Allison says:

    I’m excited for you as well. Now is a really great time to buy as interest rates are really low. Congrats!

  3. Mercedes says:

    Very exciting! I remember when they ran my credit they approved me for a home loan that was WAAAY more than I was comfortable paying for. Make sure that you really stick to your guns on what your price threshold is and not just go based on what the bank says you can afford! (and don’t forget to include insurance and taxes in your estimated payment amount, and PMI if you are planning on an FHA loan)

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