Oh Gym…

So the gym that I joined in January shut it doors last week. Which really bummed me out. I haven’t been too keen on finding a new one because I’ve been just running to help build up endurance for the Kansas City Half Marathon. But I really have missed my spinning classes. I just love spinning and not doing it makes me feel bad.

I had bought my membership as a year long contract and was saving $20/month for it. I’ll get prorated for the amount that I paid from after the date the gym closed. It should be about $100 that I’ll get back when all is said and done.

The next closest gym to me is half way between my apartment and work, about 2 miles away (not nearly as convenient as my two block  away gym).  The downside is that the new gym is more money a month. Even if I pay upfront for a year, which I can afford to do with the money I’ve been saving in my yearly savings account and from the prorated return from the old gym, I’ll still be looking at paying $22/month instead of the $16/month deal I was able to get at the old gym. I could theoretically opt to get a two year contract to get myself down to $17/month – but I’m not sure I want to commit myself to a gym for that long term, but then again I would have an all club access pass which would allow me to go to any of that branch of gyms so if I move I will still have a gym to go to.

Or I can just suck it up and forget the gym membership. I only go for 2-3 classes a week, so maybe I should just get my own cycling bike for the same price as a membership and do it all from home…

9 Responses to Oh Gym…

  1. Allison says:

    Do you think they would be willing to negotiate with you? Explain that your gym just closed and what the deal was that you had there. Maybe they’d give you a deal just to get you as a new member? Maybe you could try this even for a small period of time- like the rest of your contract at the other place, etc? You never know, it might work.

  2. LBC Teacher says:

    I love spinning too, and I just don’t think I could re-create that at home. I say go for the membership! Costco has a two year 24 Hour Fitness membership for $300, which works out to a pretty good deal. And you can use any of their facilities. 🙂

  3. deenadollars says:

    I think if the spinning classes are motivating you to exercise more than you would otherwise (which is what It sounds like!) then you should opt for the membership. Even $22/month seems like a good bargain if you are going 2 or 3 times a week. That works out to a very low cost-per-visit, and I think that’s great! Just my two cents. 🙂 Enjoy whatever you decide to do, and good for you!

  4. That really sucks – I’d be pretty angry if my gym closed, because I wouldnt have anywhere to go during the winter – it’s the little things like that that can really kill your motivation. Though 2 miles isnt bad, it’s not 2 blocks (most likely .2 miles).
    That costco deal sounds good if there are 24 hr finesses in your area, and in KC i’d assume there are.

  5. Derek says:

    Any surprise that the most economical gym had to shutter its doors?

    To contrast a little, the least expensive gym membership in my area (which is about 5 miles away) is $35/month, after paying a $150 membership fee. The only positive is that its month to month. If I’m willing to travel 9 miles (~20 minutes by car), I can get into a gym for $25/month on a two year contract.

    For now I am taking advantage of the summer months and running/cycling outdoors. Running shoes, even really nice ones, average out to about $15 a month. The old bike averages to even less. I did splurge on a marathon registration fee (Portland) at $125 and am getting better exercise now than I have in any gym. Perhaps the motivation is a bigger factor?

    Still, when the colder months come around, its easier to justify the investment in my health. I don’t have any problem rationalizing healthy food and exercise related expenses.

  6. Kathryn C says:

    you are running the kansas marathon? That’s amazing!!
    PS I love spinning too, I think it makes my butt look good.

  7. Christa says:

    Awesome job on the half marathon! I hope to get to that goal someday myself…maybe in the late fall or early spring!

  8. Just a note to say I miss your posts! I hope you’re surviving Calculus and enjoying your summer a bit. I look forward to hearing more from you when/if you’re feeling up to it!

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