Season of Change

One of the benefits of teaching is that the summer is a completely different pace than the school year. For many it is more focused on research. That’s what I hope it will be starting next year. For me this year the summer is about one class. Only one class! Compared to the 3 I was teaching at a time before. What a relaxing time. 😉

Also I’ll have all of those pesky new administrative duties to attend to and I need to go through and paint my office and actually hang stuff up rather than just having pictures laying on shelves. I also want to clean up and organize my lab space. I also will need to write not one, but two, lab manuals for the fall semester. Oh yes, and did I mention that I have two grants that I want to write this summer. One due in July and another in September? Needless to say, I’m going to be pretty busy.

However, the pace will change. I won’t have to have office hours (unless I want to, which I don’t). I won’t have the weekly meetings. It will be a lot of work still, but a different feel of the work.

Since the summer will be a different work pace I’ve also decided to make it a different life pace.

Last year I spent 8 months not eating out. I lost 25 pounds during the process and saved quite a bit of money. I decided that I need to go back to doing this again and instead of going “whole hog” I’m going to just not eat out on week days. Weekends can be for Mr Hive and I to go and enjoy a nice meal out together or with friends. Absolutely no restrictions as long as it is in the budget.

I’ve also decided I need to freakin’ get off my ass and get to the gym. I have a gym membership, but I haven’t been since spring break. I’ve decided I need a goal and will train to FINISH the Waddell and Reed Half Marathon in Kansas City on October 15th.

The website for the 1/2 marathon even includes a training schedule geared to all levels of runners. It starts on June 20th, but I will probably start getting myself in the habit of running and going to the gym regularly now so that I can start the training schedule on the training level I – which is a base of 8-15 miles per week for the last 3 weeks. I think having a training schedule and an ultimate goal (the half marathon) will do me a lot of good in terms of motivation for training and working out.

I plan on modifying the schedule a little to include my spinning class on Mondays (which I love), which is also a great way to do a cross-training/recovery exercise while still getting a work-out.

I’m excited about the summer and all the new things that I have ahead of me. There are quite a few stresses that I’ll have to deal with, but they’re worth of there own post, so I’ll save those for tomorrow – or later. =)

Do you have any plans for change in your life this summer? Any tips for motivation?

5 Responses to Season of Change

  1. scn says:

    I wasn’t a regular reader when you did your 8 months of not eating out but that is amazing how you lost 25 pounds! Good luck training for your half marathon! Good idea to get back into workout mode now. The last time I ran a half marathon was 4 years ago. I used the program from I go through these phases of being gung-ho about working out/running and phases of doing nothing. Right now, I’m in my phase of doing nothing. haha I would like to get back in the game during the summer though!

  2. addvodka says:

    That’s the best – when things change and it feels like a new beginning.

    Good job on losing 25 pounds! That’s amazing! I should stop eating out. One of the hardest parts of losing weight is the motivation for me.

  3. To make sure that you get to the gym, go there and do something that you enjoy or find relatively easy. I wanted to go back to start lifting weights, but instead I went for 3 months and did cardio stuff – I enjoyed it, but would have rather done weights. It wasnt that difficult, so It was even more difficult to find an excuse not to go. Now that the habit is there, I usually get to the gym consistently, but I think had I tried to lift weights right off the bat, I could have used being sore as an excuse to skip.

  4. Good job on losing 25 pounds from not eating out. I’m just starting to cut that out too. Hopefully it will work for me.

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