Tax Day

You may have noticed a stunning silence about taxes over on this blog compared to the other blogs who have been talking about filing and returns and all of that since February.

I finished doing my tax return three weeks ago, but I didn’t actually file until Saturday. Not that I owed much, but just I was very apathetic about the whole thing. On the scale of things I found important it was low. I did it. There wasn’t much to report. It’s done. Now I can move on to other things.

The damage?

I owed $59 to Federal taxes.

I got a return of $57 to Kansas taxes.

I got a return of $679 from my “other state” taxes.

So, I broke even between Federal and Kansas (that bodes well for next year when I’m a full resident and not just a partial year resident). And I should get a return of $679 from the other state I lived in. Honestly, I had to redo that calculation 3 times before I believed it to turn in. That seems ridiculously high, but H&R Block insists that it is correct.

Both the Federal and the Kansas returns were e-filed. I had the $59 for federal taken out of my emergency fund. I had the $57 from Kansas deposited to my emergency fund. So I shouldn’t notice any substantial change.

I had to snail mail file my other state return, so I’ll get a check. I’m assuming because I will be getting a pretty fatty check that it will take a while. I’m not holding my breath. I’m not even counting on the money. When it comes I’ll just put it on my credit card debt and be done with it.

I’m not sure why I’m getting that much or why I’m not that excited about getting that much. But I’m not. I just really don’t care and I don’t know why.


4 Responses to Tax Day

  1. I e-filed everything and never really talk about taxes because I never get refunds any more LOL

    Had to pay a huge sum this year.. and the next, I’d wager. *sigh*

  2. TeacHer says:

    I filed my taxes a while ago and I’m pretty sure I didn’t post about it….I ended up getting back about $400 between federal and state. I was happy at the time, but I just replenished my e-fund with it…which I had stupidly used to buy Christmas gifts…so it wasn’t that exciting after all.

    Maybe you’re just kind of burnt out on PF. I definitely get that way sometimes, where I just don’t really care about money at all. Ya know?

  3. Beckey & Jeff says:

    We just had ours done about 3 weeks ago and already have our refund/s credited to our checking account.

    FYI, I don’t trust H&R Block. I defaulted on a 401K loan so I knew I was going to have to pay but they told me I was getting a $2,000+ return that year. We’ve now found a local accountant, which came highly recommended by a few of my husband’s co-workers.

    Sometimes I get burned out with PF stuff too. I hadn’t really paid attention to our budget since February but everything was still getting paid on time. I just revamped our budget 2 weeks ago and am going forward again.

    • SS4BC says:

      Hmmm…. interesting… I have used H&R Block for a long time. I figure my taxes is pretty easy since it is just income and standard deductions and retirement. The going to different states thing complicated this one, we’ll see. If I don’t get any money back I won’t be too sad. I just hope I don’t have to deal with an audit. =P

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