Operation Negotiation: Success

After getting my contract for the next year I decided (prompted by motivation from you all) to go back and negotiate.

I went armed with me the list of initiatives that I was in process of doing that gave me a month to my contract this year with specifics on what I have accomplished so far and what I plan on doing in the coming year.

His assumption was that I would be dropping all of those initiatives when I became chair, to which I told him frankly that I would rather not be chair than to drop these things.

Starting up research, starting an outreach to youth, starting an ACS chapter on campus, these things were important for the viability of the department than me being chair. Making schedules, going to planning meetings, and dealing with irate students, well, anyone can do those things – not everyone has the drive and initiative to start the other projects that have to happen to make sure that our department survives and thrives.

He listened to my points, agreed with my assessment, and he changed my contract to an 11-month contract with a 5% raise.

I was cordial, polite, but firm. Honestly, I was proud of how downright diplomatic I was. I wasn’t accusatory nor say things like “I deserve this” or “give this to me” but instead listed exactly the reasons why I was asking for what I was asking and then provided the evidence to support my claims.

After we had come to the resolution I was looking for I thanked him for his time and his trust in me to be the Chair of the department.

To which he replied: “I have absolutely no doubts that you’ll be a great Chair. You know how to get things done.”

Yup, I suppose I do. Thanks to the encouragement of my dear readers for going in and making a stand and making my case.

My new salary? $59,056 on an 11- month contract. I couldn’t be happier. That is an $8,056 raise between my 2010/11 salary and my 2011/2012 salary. And I know EXACTLY where that money will be going (car repairs and take-out… I kid…I kid…)


24 Responses to Operation Negotiation: Success

  1. Super big, virtual high five!

  2. Gz! Sounds like you are going to be a busy beaver, so I’m glad you’re going to be compensated for it 🙂

  3. Nice work. You should let me borrow $100 🙂

  4. YAY!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!

    Now remember this success while you’re chair!

  5. woot woot!!! go you! that is awesome!!

    and you totally deserve it! allow yourself at least one splurge, but don’t do what I did, and go blow your $5,000 raise on a shopping spree and end up taking a year to pay it off…no…no…don’t do that…

    : )

  6. Jenn says:

    I don’t even know you but I am SO proud of you!

  7. Jentacular says:


  8. YAY! That’s amazing and wonderful and crazy! [happy dance for you!] Sounds like a great deal. You’ll be slightly exhausted most of your next year, from the sounds of things, and so exhilarated by the entire venture! I can’t wait to hear all about everything and watch as those bars start moving closer to your financial goals!

    You deserve this!!

    fist bump, high five, hip bump and WOO! For good measure =)

  9. Daisy says:

    Congrats!! That’s so exciting. Don’t you just love when you know you rocked something?

  10. Congratulations!!! Way to go!

  11. Psychsarah says:

    Kudos!!! I’m so envious of your mad negotiation skills!!! Your boss is right-you know how to get things done!!! Enjoy your well deserved raise!

  12. CONGRATS!! You rocked it 😀

  13. Corina says:

    Congratulations – not for the raise, but for the part when you said : Starting up research, starting an outreach to youth, starting an ACS chapter on campus, these things were important for the viability of the department than me being chair.
    This shows you are a great teacher, you care about your career in the best global sense and you want to make a difference with your endeavors. I applaud you and admire you!

    and also congrats for the raise:)

  14. Katie says:

    Wow, great job! You sound like an awesome teacher. I’m glad you had the confidence to negotiate for what you’re worth.

  15. Kathryn C says:

    wow wow wow, nice work, I was waiting for this update!

  16. Amazing accomplishment!!! You deserve it! 🙂

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