Net Worth Update: April 2011

Time for my monthly Net Worth summary. Here goes:


  • Cash on hand: $500 (I always use this amount as it is an average of my cash available on any given day of the month.)
  • Personal stocks: $1,014 (-5.76% from March 11)
  • Personal mutual funds: $6,960 (+1.05% from March 11)
  • Retirement: $16,516 (+3.90% from March 11)
  • Savings accounts: $926 (+2.89% from March 11)


  • Student loans: $13,888 (-0.57% from March 11)
  • Credit card debt: $14,370 (+1.02% from March 11)

Total Net Worth: -$2,342 (+20.12% from March 11)

Net Worth Last Month: -$2,932

Net Worth a Year Ago: -$6,725

The credit card debt has gone up since I paid part of my sister’s tuition on my credit card. March was the last month I’ll be putting her tuition on my card. My dad will also be giving me some money in the next few days to pay me back for paying for her tuition. So far I’ve paid $1,852 towards her tuition and my dad has paid $600. While I’m expecting him to send me money for her tuition at least while she is here (April and May), I have a strong feeling that after she leaves I won’t be getting anymore tuition money from him since she’ll be moving on to Summer semester and will need money for that.

I’m still moving upwards… slowly… this summer should help put a better dent in my debt.

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