Extra Money This Summer

This summer I need to earn some extra money – I’ll have lots of “free time” and why not make money to pay off debt? So far I have 3 different avenues that are in the works to get me some extra cash:

1. Summer school at MY University. From May 16th to June 10th I’ll be teaching a 4-week summer class at my University. I’ll get paid based on the number of students enrolled in the class. I’ll get paid between $2,000-$3,000 depending on the number of students. If 3 or less sign up then I can run the class directed study, but I’ll only get a few hundred dollars for it – not worth it at that point. So here’s hoping for at least 4 students!

2. Summer school at the local community college. I have an interview on Tuesday at the local community college to teach a summer class there. The class would run from June 6th to July 28th. So there would be 1 week of overlap between that class and the class I’m teaching at my school. There is also a slight time conflict, but since I’ll know about it before hand I can change the time of the summer school class at my university before students sign up so that it doesn’t conflict with the community college class time if I do get the position. This is a moderate inconvenience, but shouldn’t be a big issue. If I do get the position I’ll make between $2,500-4,000 for teaching the one class (it is more units than the class I’ll be teaching at my university, so I’ll get paid a bit more).

3. My dad will rent my sister’s room. I talked two years ago about how my dad was working at Costco to survive the recession and his unemployment. He’s since moved on and is now working as a product demonstrator at grocery stores and warehouse stores. This job is 100% travel based. He loves it because he gets to have the freedom to be anywhere in the country. Right now he’s in coastal California. For May-June he plans on being in Kansas City to spend some time with me and my sister. In July-August he plans on going to Colorado. Then coming back to Kansas City area in the fall – and then going to Florida for the summer. He loves that his job is also a vacation tour around the country. Being that he is single and all his kids are out of the nest, it is a pretty good situation for him.

The only caveat to my dad’s new position is that he has to live in extended stay hotels. He pays 1/2 of the bill and his company pays the other. Which amounts to essentially what he’d be paying in rent/mortgage if he lived somewhere. So for the time that he’s staying in Kansas City (once my sister leaves), he’ll be staying with me.

This isn’t the first time that my dad has lived with me while I’ve been an adult. He also lived with me for 6 months when I was a graduate student. It really isn’t a huge issue for me as my dad loves going out on dates and entertains himself very well. So it will be nice to have him around.  The only problem is that he’ll probably want to have more meals together, which could definitely increase my food costs since my dad likes pretty elaborate dinners. (But since he’s diabetic, they’re also really healthy dinners, too!)

He said that he would pay me rent money for the time he’s with me. From our conversation it seemed like ~$75 per week will probably be what he pays me. Since he’s planning on hanging around for around 4 weeks in May/June and then another 2 weeks in August. That is a cool $450 I’ll make tax free. Also, I’ll save money by not having to redo my sister’s room in to my craft room too soon. Also, he’ll save money since he won’t be staying at the hotels during that time and getting to spend time with his beautiful daughter. It really is a win-win situation. 😉

All in all, for these three summer activities (if I get the position at the local community college), I’ll be able to make between $4,950-7,450 (before taxes). This will be ON TOP OF the regular paychecks that I’ll get from my faculty position now (I’m on a 10-month contract, but that amount is paid to me over 12 months). So all of this money I’ll be earning in the summer will be able to go STRAIGHT to debt. That means that I could easily reach my goal of reducing my debt by $5,000 this year by the end of the summer. How freakin’ sweet would that be?


7 Responses to Extra Money This Summer

  1. Jessica says:

    Yay for you! Depending on babies for ( we’ve been TTC for 2.5 years now) I am hoping and praying for a job since I got my license. I am *so* thrilled to be looking for work.

  2. Pretty frickin sweet I say. Good luck with the interview!

  3. TeacHer says:

    Gotta love summer money! I usually clear about $3K every summer from teaching summer school, but this summer I’m going to be heading up a different, shorter program that will net me more like $2K. Less money, but more summer…my building has a pool that I’ve barely used since I’ve lived here. Am I a lazy bones?

    At any rate, summer money rocks and it has totally been key in helping me meet my $ goals – you’ll be SO happy at the end of the summer when you’ve got your $ right where you want it 🙂

  4. That is awesome. 😀 Debt free by the end of summer. 😀

  5. This is amazing! Good luck on your CC interview, and I hope that everything works out and that you clear that much moolah. That would be amazing toward reaching your goals. This post was also super inspiring in helping me think about what I want to do for the summer to earn some bucks.

  6. Mercedes says:

    How awesome is that! An extra $5,000+ dollars! I hope that all the chips fall in line for you to work this out. That will really help with debt repayment and savings goals!

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