After the meeting with the Dean two Friday’s ago and months of contemplation, I decided to accept the Chair position.

The decision was made with the conditions that if after a year I can’t do the chair position, my teaching responsibilities AND start up my projects (research, chemistry club, recruitment initiatives) – that I’ll drop the position. Essentially I’ll be doing a year trial run of the Chair’s position with the understanding that my projects are more important than the meetings and the administrative duties I’ll be adding. The Dean was fine with these conditions and we mapped out a mentoring plan to help me the first year.

The decision was made known to the current chair yesterday and announced to the entire department this morning. Now I’m announcing it to you (I wanted to keep the final decision a little hush-hush on the off chance that someone I work with reads this blog… unlikely… but not impossible.)

From the financial stand point I was told the increase pay would be approximately a 10% raise plus an additional contract month.

The base contact that I have is a 10-month, $51,000 contract.

The raise would most likely be on my 9-month contract rate ($45,900) and most likely my new contract will still only be 10-months. Though there is some reason to believe that it could be extended to 11-months (but not a large possibility). I could probably negotiate this with the Academic Dean when he sends out his initial contract offers.

Essentially, I’m looking at 2 possibilities:

1. 10 month contract with a 10% raise on my 9-month contract salary. This would put my salary at $56,100.

2. 11 month contract with a 10% raise on my 9-month contract salary. This would put my salary at $61,710.

Since the second scenario would essentially amount to a $10k per raise I don’t really see this happening – especially in light of all of the financial instability going on.

Either way I’ll be getting at least $5,000 more per year before taxes taken out. I’ll know more specifically about the contract amount in a week or so when the contracts for next year are sent out.

My intention is to maintain my current lifestyle with no inflation so that I can apply the entire increase in salary to my debts. Since I’ll only really be seeing a pay difference of around $140 more per paycheck I don’t think this will be too hard to accomplish.

Next year is going to be a crazy intense year for me. I’ll be teaching new classes, writing some grants for research funding, starting some new initiatives in the department AND taking over chair duties.

I’ll really have to hone my delegation skills over the next year to not go insane. Also, I foresee quite a few long nights in the office and a few Saturdays as well. Thankfully I don’t have a family (husband, kids, etc) so it really is a better time in my personal life to make a more ambitious career move.


12 Responses to That’s CHAIR SS4BC

  1. psychsarah says:

    Congrats on making the decision. Sometimes it’s tough to live in ambivalence for extended periods. It sounds like you’ve got good stuff in place in case you hate it, but hopefully it will be a good position for you. Good luck!

  2. Congrats. Aren’t you really young to be a Chair? I’m really impressed!

  3. Maybe save some of that money for eating out and a cleaning person…

  4. joshuca says:

    WOW! Congratulations and best of luck with everything! As organized and good at budgeting as you appear to be, maybe you can get (or keep, depending on the current situation) the department in excellent fiscal shape.

  5. YAYYYY!!!! Congrats!

  6. CJW says:

    Good luck in your new role. It sounds like quite an honor. I’ll be looking forward to your updates, and will be pulling for you to resist the temptation of lifestyle inflation! Congrats.

  7. Congrats on the promotion! Good luck with everything. Make sure to take a strong position against lifestyle inflation.

  8. Lindy Mint says:

    Congratulations! It will be hard work, but like you said now is the time. And pay raises are super sweet.

  9. That’s awesome. Congrats! I think it is really a great position for you. You’re gonna rock as chair! (No pun intended)

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