Things I’d Buy

One of the bummers about being in debt and trying to pay if off is that I lust for all these things that I want, don’t need, but SO would buy if I either A) didn’t care about more debt or B) had no debt and could afford to buy them.

This month I’m thinking about household things.

Sleepy Twin Sleeper Chair

I want a big comfy chair for my soon-to-be craft room so I can cuddle up in it and crochet (what I plan on doing with my sister’s room after she leaves). I don’t want a bed in the room, but I also want the ability to have someone stay the night if need be. Most likely it would be my grandma who would come visit or my dad or my sister, so I don’t (at this time) need more than a single sleeper. There is also a matching ottoman that you can purchase that has a space inside for the pillows and bedding for the bed.

Bookshelf and desk from IKEA

I have the bookcase portion of this desk already. So all I need is the attachable desk portion. This lovely guy is at IKEA. There isn’t an IKEA within a 12 hour drive from me, so I’d have to have it shipped to me. It would cost around $75. I’m curious to see how sturdy this desk is. If anyone lives near an IKEA – I’d love it if you’d go check out this desk for me and tell me if it is stable or not. 😉

Flat Screen TV


My TV is old and small and huge (if that makes sense). Mr Hive hates watching things on it because it is so pixely. If I had the money I’d buy myself a new TV with a new stand and move my old TV into my future craft room so that I can craft and watch in my only little hide-away room.

What would you buy now if you weren’t concerned about debt or savings? Sometimes it is good just to let it out – so you can dream of what your life will be like when the debt is gone. =)


12 Responses to Things I’d Buy

  1. Daisy says:

    I love that desk/bookshelf! But, yeah, sometimes Ikeas stuff is a bit richety.
    I want a new tv too. And a new couch and bed. And a house. haha.

  2. Jenn says:

    I love that sleeper! Brilliant idea.

    I had that desk for a year in my old apartment. I used it with the four by four shelf. Very sturdy and big. Definitely would recommend it.

    • SS4BC says:

      Good to know! I have both the 4×4 and the 2×4 bookshelf, so I could easily use either with the desk. Did you center the desk on the 4×4?

      • Jenn says:

        I didn’t centre it – I put it on one side. I used the shelf itself as a room divider (perpendicular to the wall) then put the desk itself against the wall.

  3. It’s fun to dream – definitely love your pick for a sleeper sofa. It’s definitely the perfect size without being to big and overbearing. That desk is pretty rad too – I also have the bookshelf so this has been thinking . . . not that we have room for a big desk in our place right now . . . but one day!

  4. Frugal Forties says:

    A new sofa for my living room and a bed. I know which bed I want and even have it listed on my site. I just can’t justify it yet when the basic metal bed frame and mattress I have work fine.

  5. I’d buy patio furniture so we could sit outside on our huge balcony this summer and enjoy dinner and a glass of wine. 🙂 I love all your choices, too!

  6. TeacHer says:

    Hmm, right now I’m dying for:
    1. A pair of Hunter boots with knit cable wellie socks
    2. A pair of Dior sunglasses
    3. A new couch (a super comfy sectional)
    4. A new MacBook Pro
    5. A Caribbean vacation

    Total: Approximately $4700…otherwise known as the payoff total for my car.

    Wah. Wah.

  7. I like the couch, and the convenient ottoman with storage! I myself would purchase a necklace I’ve been wondering about, I’d probably purchase some new bedroom furniture as well. Things I don’t need but would like to have. And possibly some more flannel shirts before they are too hard to find in stores…spring is coming!

  8. Stephanie says:

    I especially like the top two items because of their versatility.

    As for what I’d buy. I’m assuming you mean besides a house 🙂

    I’d probably like a new TV. My roommate just bought one, so I get to use it without paying for it, but I could definitely get used to having one. Plus, I’d probably buy a playstation 3 and maybe a Kinect for the Xbox. I’ve started really enjoying playing some video games. Mostly, those items are things that my sister and brother in law have (nice TVs and all gaming consoles/accessories) and I want to have my house like theirs 🙂

  9. I’m with you on the tv. I think that a flat panel tv to replace my ancient and heavy tube tv would be top on my dream list. After that would be a pump organ or old piano converted into a desk. My parents had an old pump organ turned into a computer desk and now I want one! I’d also like a big comfy chair too 🙂

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