Spring Break To-Do List

  1. Catch up on my blog roll.
  2. Catch up on my grading.
  3. Take Jack running at least 3 times.
  4. Get my lectures for the entire week after spring break done.
  5. Clean my apartment.
  6. Watch Season 3 of Big Bang Theory.
  7. Get oil changed on car.
  8. Contact investment companies about my 1099-INT forms (Haven’t received ANY from ANY companies).
  9. Take recycling to center.
  10. Do laundry. I think every piece of clothing I own is dirty.
  11. If time: Go through clothes and possessions for spring cleaning.

For those of you with a spring break: What are you doing?


3 Responses to Spring Break To-Do List

  1. Season 3 of Big Bang Theory is AWESOME.

    We’re working shorter hours this week because we’ve got 9-3 daycare instead of 7:30-6:30. Extra home time will be spent on TAXES. Fun times. I used the weekend to get caught up on grading and laundry!

  2. joshuca says:

    Working. I’m on a 12-month contract. There aren’t any students around so it is nice and quiet!

  3. Hope you got everything done & had a relaxing week. 🙂

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