More Exciting News from Blue Cross/Blue Shield

I already posted about how Blue Cross/Blue Shield gives me points for exercising that I can turn in to gift cards for places like Target, Gap, Best Buy, Amazon. I turned in my first $25 gift card for a Target gift card and used that to buy some exciting stuff: A case of Rockstar, laundry detergent, zip lock bags (I know, you can stop your drooling over my sexy purchases). 😉

Today I got an email from Blue Cross/Blue Shield alerting me to some webinars that Blue Cross/Blue Shield does for its members. They are free to Blue Cross/Blue Shield members AND I get 25,000 points for partcipiating in them. Remember that each 1,000 = $1 in gift cards, so attending these babies nets me a beautiful $25 just for spending 1 hour once a week learning about nutrition (maybe I’ll pick up a thing or two to tell my Nutrition students) and/or living a stress free life. I’ve signed up for the Nutri-Wise webinar because I have no classes during that time. I probably need the Stress Resilient Life one more, but it is being offered at the same time I’m teaching Chemistry. Bummer for me!

I can participate in the webinars in my office quite easily, so I’m pretty excited about this. I love learning. I love learning for free. And I love learning and GETTING PAID to learn. Sounds good to me!

2 thoughts on “More Exciting News from Blue Cross/Blue Shield

  1. i checked to see if my bcbs plan offered this and sadly they don’t. generously, they just doubled our co-pays 😡

    i think this is a wonderful program! 🙂

    1. I think it is a wonderful program as well. I feel so lucky that I get to participate in it. It is definitely encouraging me to make healthy lifestyle habits/choices.

      Maybe my area is just a trial demographic area or something. Who knows!

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