Net Worth Update: March 2011

Time for my monthly Net Worth summary. Here goes:


  • Cash on hand: $500 (I always use this amount as it is an average of my cash available on any given day of the month.)
  • Personal stocks: $1,076 (+3.46% from Feb 11)
  • Personal mutual funds: $6,888 (+4.10% from Feb 11)
  • Retirement: $15,896 (+4.95% from Feb 11)
  • Savings accounts: $900 (+89.09% from Feb 11)


  • Student loans: $13,967 (-0.60% from Feb 11)
  • Credit card debt: $14,225 (+3.96% from Feb 11)

Total Net Worth: -$2,932 (+26.05% from Feb 11)

Net Worth Last Month: -$3,965

Net Worth a Year Ago: -$7,983

The credit card debt has gone up since I paid part of my sister’s tuition on my credit card. Just like last month, my dad sent me $400 to use on my sister. I put $300 on her tuition then used the other $100 to pay for her groceries. She gets $20 per week to spend on food at the grocery store. She’s been very good about not going over that and getting quite a good variety of food to eat. I also give her $10/week for bus money, usually from cash I have on hand. This comes out of my “miscellaneous” budget.

Here is the graphical form for those of you who like pretty pictures:

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