My Favorite Work Out

Serendipity is hosting a “Shape Up For March” challenge to get people ready for spring physically. Here is how I’ve done as well as a review of my favorite work out!

Here’s what I’ve done since February 15th:

  • February 16th: Jack squat
  • February 18th: Absolutely nothing
  • February 21st: Hour hike with dog and BF (lovin’ the warm weather)
  • February 22nd: 3 mile run

Not as productive of a week as last week. The main excuses I present are the following: My sister’s BF arrived during my Thursday night kick boxing class. My sister’s BF left during my Sunday morning kick boxing class. I was lazy and didn’t take any of the other time I had to go to the gym and do my own thing since I missed class. My excuses suck.

What I want to tell you about though is my favorite workout on the treadmill.

See, I don’t really like the treadmill that much. I enjoy running outside, but treadmills get dull. So here’s what I do to keep myself from getting bored on the treadmill:

Start at low, managable speed, usually 5.0 mph (12 minute mile pace), when I first started doing this workout I started at 4.5 mph (13:20 minute mile pace). Run this for half a mile.

  • (Interval) Increase speed by 0.8. Run for half a mile.
  • (Recover) Decrease speed by 0.4. Run for half a mile.
  • (Interval) Increase speed by 0.8. Run for half a mile.
  • (Recover) Decrease speed by 0.4. Run for a quarter mile.
  • (Interval) Increase speed by 0.8. Run for a quarter mile.
  • (Recover) Decrease speed by 04. Run for a quarter mile.
  • (Interval) Increase speed by 0.8. Run for quarter mile.
  • Pass out in exhaustion.

Total distance: 3 miles. Total time: Between 32-36 minutes depending on the speed I start at.

What I love about this workout: I only have to run “hard” for half a mile at a time. I get up to speeds of 7.0 (8:34 mile pace) without having to run this for a long period of time, over time I’ve been able to have my “high” speed get higher and higher! If I’m feeling ambitious I increase by 1.0 and decrease by 0.5, which makes it even harder. If I’m feeling sluggish, I can start at a lower pace (generally 4.5).

What I love most about this workout: I’m constantly thinking while I do it of what speed I will go to next, I don’t stay at the same speed the entire time so less boredom, and best of all I finish the workout strong.

What is your favorite treadmill work out? I’d, of course, like to try new things!

BTW, remember my Points to Blue program through Blue Cross/Blue Shield? I just cashed in my first gift card for $25 at Target! I got it in the mail just 3 days after I placed the order. EXCELLENT!

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Work Out

  1. I hate excersise. Haha!
    no, just kidding. I like it when I’m working out with somebody, but I hate being solitary on that treadmill.
    I still need to do it, though. I don’t have a favorite because cardio in general makes me want to never step foot in a gym again, but I do like doing the weights – the burn in my muscles is awesome 🙂

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