$30 Broke the Bank

As part of my plan for saving a $500 emergency fund by the end of February I decided to try to skim $30 off my two week budget.


I am strapped right now to the bone. I get paid next Tuesday but I only have about $10 left in my checking account (normally I would have $40 left and feel much more comfortable with only a few days left). Thankfully I have bought all my necessities for the next few days. I am pretty sure I have enough food to last me until Tuesday – obviously I won’t be able to eat out at all though.

Who knew that $30 (or $15/week) would feel so constricting?

I have a feeling it is because I had a lot of once every 6 week expenses that all fell the past two weeks. Mainly, restocking my cat and dog food which I buy bulk.

I’m contemplating canceling my $30 bimonthly transfer to my savings or reducing it to maybe just $15 or $20. I thought I wouldn’t notice that the $30 was gone, but turns out I did. And it hurts.


12 Responses to $30 Broke the Bank

  1. Even $5 would feel tight to you if you were down to a bare bones budget like the one you have right now

    Is there any way you can buy cheaper groceries? Less meat? Eat chickpeas? (surprisingly filling for very cheap)..?

  2. You still have that money and could use it in an emergency. It’s in your emergency fund! It’s only a temporary sacrifice and you can do it. It’s just until the end of February and then you’ll have a $500 emergency fund… and possibly a smaller waistline from not eating out.

  3. moralia says:

    I’d keep with it! If you *DON’T* have to spend and have enough food in the house, what do you need the extra $30 for?

    Good luck!!! šŸ™‚

  4. Stay the course. It’s like a diet. Sure you might get hungry while trying to lose 20 pounds in a month (for example) but if you just deal with it and stick to the diet you lose the weight and you feel great about accomplishing the goal. This really isn’t any different. šŸ™‚

  5. I agree with Moralia. Stick to it. Think of it as an opportunity to get creative and really stretch yourself. Good luck!

  6. I’d miss $60 a month big time. In my budget, that’s the difference between an occasional splurge and buying only generic brands, even when brand name is better. GL to you if you make it, but I understand if you want to treat yourself to the occasional splurge.

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  8. I’d try and stick it out as well. See what you can do. It will save you in the long run.

  9. Serendipity says:

    I’d try to stick it out. It’s hard and sacrifice but your going to be meeting your goals like everyone else has already pointed out. Is it possible you can do somethings cheaper? I know thats easier said than done, especially when your already doing things as cheap as you can in some cases.

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