Friday Night Fun – Game Night!

Dominion: Love This Game!

Last night my sister and I went to a game night sponsored by a local church. I had heard about it a few months prior but had never been.

I was sort of expecting around 12-15 people sitting around playing games – BOY WAS I SURPRISED when
I walked in the fellowship hall and saw around 50 people around 9 different tables playing so many games it was amazing. There was probably around 100+ games total that we could play. Most I had never heard of.

We played some crazy robot game where we were trying to get to these check points, Dominion (one of my absolute favorite games, we played this 4 times), Bananagrams, and then a weird matching game (that I won twice, booyah).

There was tons of food, lots of laughs, and a great price tag: Free!

Apparently this game night happens the first Friday of every month. Both my sister and I agreed that we should make it part of our monthly ritual. It was an amazing good time and I can’t wait to go back again. =D

8 thoughts on “Friday Night Fun – Game Night!

    1. We only played it once. I wouldn’t chose to play that game, but it wasn’t something I would go out of my way to not play. Like I said, I’m not big on word games. =)

  1. Just started playing Dominion! Boyfriend got it for me for Christmas after some friends told us how awesome it is. Lots of fun!

    Also, I’ve played Bananagrams a few times. I managed to discover after I thought I won that I misspelled a word. DISQUALIFIED!

    Hooray for free fun!

    1. I know, Dominion is totally fun! We played with the Prosperity expansion which is amazing. It adds Platinum (worth 5 monies) and Colonies (worth 10 VP). I also really like the Seaside expansion. I am so afraid to buy the game because a lot of my favorite cards are only in the expansions. Which when I get all of them would cost like $150.

  2. Was the crazy robot game Roborally? That’s one of my favorite games. My speciality is turning left instead of right on my first go and it all going to hell from there. How fabulous to have a group where you can play like that. We have a few couples we get together and play games with, and trying new ones. There’s so much more to board games than ludo and monopoly šŸ™‚

    1. Yes, it WAS Roborally! I did not like it at all. I just kept getting turn card after turn card. Not very fun. And then I got stuck on a laser for about 4 turns.

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