Net Worth Update: February 2011

Time for my monthly Net Worth summary. Here goes:


  • Cash on hand: $500 (I always use this amount as it is an average of my cash available on any given day of the month.)
  • Personal stocks: $1,040 (+2.56% from Jan 11)
  • Personal mutual funds: $6,617 (-0.54% from Jan 11)
  • Retirement: $15,146 (+6.05% from Jan 11)
  • Savings accounts: $476 (+138% from Jan 11)


  • Student loans: $14,061 (-0.60% from Jan 11)
  • Credit card debt: $13,683 (+8.26% from Jan 11)

Total Net Worth: -$3,965 (+4.13% from Jan 11)

Net Worth Last Month: -$4,136

Net Worth a Year Ago: -$9,950

I’m actually surprised that my net worth went up (though really I guess a $200 difference is just in the margin of error). Most of this is because of an increased focus on savings and I didn’t decrease my retirement contribution even though my employer stopped matching. My savings accounts include both my yearly savings account and my emergency fund.

The credit card debt has gone up since I paid part of my sister’s tuition on my credit card. My dad sent me $400 to use on my sister. My plan is to put $300 on her tuition (thus that amount won’t be going on my credit card in the future) and then use the other $100 to pay for groceries for her for the month. I’ve told her that she can spend $20 per week. She’s pretty good at getting all the food that she needs for that amount or just a little over. Then I help a little by making one or two dinners a week for us that I pay for. (Her BF also orders her pizza every Saturday night and they watch a movie together and eat pizza – it is their “date night” since they have a long distance relationship – I think that’s quite adorable.)

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