Points to Blue

My health insurance is with BlueCross/BlueShield.

The plan that I chose is pretty basic, it is a high deductible PPO. I chose that because they give me $118 every month into a Health Savings Account for me pre-tax. My deductible is pretty high ($2,400 per year) but I get $1,416 ($118 x 12) per year to use towards that deductible amount. So assuming I’m in reasonable health it is a pretty good deal. I’m also a member of Aflac, so if I’m going to the doctor for a screening I get another $50 back from them. Since the majority of why I go to a doctor is screenings (hello PAP!) and the rest is just for cold/flu I thought this would be a decent plan for an otherwise healthy individual.

One of the things I Love, Love, Love about Blue Cross/Blue Shield is their Points to Blue program. The idea is simple: You’re a healthy individual, thus costing us as the insurance company less money, so we’ll reward you for it!

You log in to your account and then tell them activities you do:

* Running >30 minutes – 500 points

* Spinning >30 minutes – 500 points

*Aerobics class >30 minutes – 750 points

You also get points for going to the dentist (5,000 points), taking wellness webinars (5,000), getting a health risk screening (10,000 points).

There are points available for doing different diets like Weight Watchers (7,500) or South Beach diet (7,500).

The points add up and you can then trade them in for gift cards! Between my wellness screenings I got last year (total 20,000 points), going to the dentist (5,000 points) and the last three weeks of physical activity (around 5,000 points) I have in total 30,077 points! And I’ve only been actively reporting my physical activity for a few weeks!

What can I get for 30,077 points? Well, once you get to 25,000 points you can start redeeming every 1,000 points for a $1 giftcard (minimum $25). So currently I can redeem a $30 gift card!

Where can I get this gift card to? LOTS of places!

  • Amazon
  • Aeropostale
  • AMC Theatres
  • American Airlines
  • American Outfitters
  • Applebees
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Best Buy
  • etc, etc, etc

I’m so excited that I just started and already I get to redeem a gift card. I know that a lot of it is because I had the dentist appointment and the health screening assessments done. But even just exercise alone, if you were to do a 750 point activity four times a week (3,000 points a week) – it would only take 8-9 weeks to get another $25 gift card. That is SIX $25 giftcards a year! (Or $150 in giftcards every year just for working out!** – Plus you’d get the points for screenings and going to the dentist!)

**Possible side effects: Flatter stomach, more stamina, inability to get winded going up the stairs, sexier body, compliments from the opposite sex, weight loss, and more energy than you can possibly imagine!

9 thoughts on “Points to Blue

  1. Wow. That is awesome! I’m assuming it’s basically just the honesty policy because they can’t really track if you actually went running. I’m starting an exercise program this week. Getting bonus points for it would be great!

  2. Wow! I have Anthem/Blue Cross, I’m going to go online and see if mine has this too. That’s awesome! And it just might motivate me to get off my butt and exercise a little more. 🙂

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  4. Oh bummer. Apparently the GA BCBS doesn’t offer this program. I’ve looked everywhere and even Googled it and it doesn’t seem to be available. *sadness*

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