New Gym?

So for the last 4 months I’ve had access to two free gyms: one at my apartment complex and one at my school.

With such access you know what I haven’t done? Work out!

I have gone running a hand full of times (probably around once per week) on the 3/4 mile running trail that goes around my apartment complex. But no trips to either gym.

The thing is – while I can run and I can ride a bike and I can do an elliptical machine for free – I like classes. I don’t get motivated to walk across campus to run on a treadmill for half an hour. That doesn’t excite me. At. All.

There is something about a scheduled time and place and instructor there for me that makes me feel like I should be there. Also, I absolutely love, love, love spinning classes. In grad school I went to spinning classes 4-5 days per week because I loved them so much.

So I checked out the national chain gym two blocks from my apartment and sure enough they have spinning classes. I drive by this gym every day on my way to and back from work.

I went today for my tour of the club – it is pretty nice. Being previously from Southern California I’ve seen some pretty swank gyms. This was nice, but not overly so. There was probably around 75 treadmills, 50 elliptical machines, 30 bikes, and around 2000 sq ft of weight machines and free weights. There are two class rooms. One for aerobic/free weight classes – and a spinning studio.

I have a 1 week free trial of the gym.

Today I just used the treadmill because the spinning class was full and half way over by the time my tour was done. Looks like if I want to get in the spinning class on Saturday mornings I’ll need to get there 20 minutes early and stand in line for a bike. We’ll see next Saturday.

One thing you should know: I’m TERRIBLY uncoordinated. I can’t do dance classes, I can’t do aerobics. I do like kick boxing as long as the instructor doesn’t incorporate too many coordination moves and builds up to the more complex kicks, gabs, etc. I’m absolutely jealous of people who can make their feet and arms work together to look like something graceful – I’m happy if I just don’t trip while walking.

So here is my plan for classes during my free week:

  • Sunday morning: Kick boxing
  • Monday evening: Spinning
  • Tuesday evening: Yoga (I’ve tried Yoga before and hate, hate, hated it, but maybe this class will be better)
  • Wednesday evening: Kick boxing or core training class
  • Thursday evening: Kick boxing or resistance training class
  • Friday evening: No classes scheduled, boo. This is the one evening every week that I know I won’t be hanging out with BF. (His “boy’s night”)
  • Saturday morning: Spinning!!

I’m pretty excited about this free trial week. I hope I find a few classes that I like. I’d prefer to do 4 classes a week (two weekend and two weekday). But I figure for my free trial I should try a few of the ones I’m interested in to get a feel of all the different options before I commit to a membership.

As for the price of the club: It is $20/month – no contract, no membership fee this month. I figure $20/month to get me to actually exercise is a reasonable amount to pay. And at worst I can cancel at any time.


9 Responses to New Gym?

  1. kickboxing is AMAZING. i am sure you will get the hang of it after a class or 2. the instructors are usually very nice about newcomers and the moves are repetitive. i take a turbo kick class at 24 hour fitness and i have to say it keeps me sore after a couple days… and it’s so much fuuuun!!!

    • SS4BC says:

      I like kick boxing a lot, too.

      My only frustration is when instructors don’t build up to the combos. Being that I’m severely uncoordinated I need someone who builds up slowly. The instructor at the old gym I went to was very good about adding just one part of a combo at a time. The instructor today was FLYING through the combos. If I hadn’t been to a kick boxing class before I would have been COMPLETELY lost.

  2. findingserenity2010 says:

    Heck, if you can get in for $20 a month and USE it, go for it! It sounds amazing!

    • SS4BC says:

      Using it is definitely key. I’m motivated now, but if I reach a point where I’m going less than twice a week it isn’t going to be worth it anymore for me. So I’ll have to make sure I keep up with going.

      For some reason I think knowing that I’m PAYING for it will make me more likely to use it.

      • If you need a motivator, let me know! I am just starting to get back into gym exercise classes too after an 8-month hiatus and I could use the motivation as well. Knowing I paid for my gym membership also makes me want to go… in the past, the gym has been free!

      • SS4BC says:

        Maybe we could start some sort of Twitter motivation group. Did YOU exercise today?? type thing. = )

  3. There is no point to berating yourself about not doing free stuff that you hate. Pay for the classes:) Also, I hate you for having a decent gym for only $20 /month – mine is >$50. But what I love is swimming and it’s the only gym within 30 miles with an indoor pool.

  4. LB says:

    Go for it! I am all for whatever gets people to exercise without it feeling like exercise. I wouldn’t pay for a gym membership because I love running and biking (which is free or cheap), but I agree, it is what gets you motivated to stay active.

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