I Still Love My Job

Even after the cutbacks, the layoffs, the insecure nature of my position right now. I realized something: I love my job.

I mean, if you’ve been reading my blog at all the last 4 months you know that I love it. But even with all this bad stuff happening I STILL LOVE IT.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t like the insecurity. I don’t like the not knowingness. But I still love what I do on a day to day basis.

At my previous position I hated it so much that even though I was asked to stay, begged to stay, threatened to stay – I didn’t want to. I hated it. I loathed every day I came in to work. I loathed so many of the people that I worked with that working wasn’t a joy – it was a burden.

Now I’m so in love with my job that I do it for $20k less than I could be making. I do it in the face of possible termination. I do it still, so joyously, that from the surface you may not even realize that anything at all was wrong.

Red asked yesterday if we’d chose a job we loved for little pay or a job we hated for great pay – every day I come to work I make that choice over and over again: a job I love.


2 Responses to I Still Love My Job

  1. I’m so glad that you feel this way. I’m hoping to feel the same way when I am in your position. I really look up to you, SS4BC. 🙂

    Right now, grad school is just sucking the life out of me, when I was expecting to love it so much. Hopefully this is just the first year talking!

    • SS4BC says:

      The first year of grad school is definitely the roughest (IMO).

      Also, the last. If you can get through the first you start to readjust your life to what grad school is like and can typically make it. =)

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