Net Worth Update: January 2011

Here is a current look at where my NetWorth sits as of January 1, 2011:


  • Cash on hand: $500 (I always use this amount as it is an average of my cash available on any given day of the month.)
  • Personal stocks: $1,014
  • Personal mutual funds: $6,653
  • Retirement: $14,282
  • Savings accounts: $200 (starting over on yearly savings and E-fund needs to be rebuilt after car maintenance)


  • Student loans: $14,146
  • Credit card debt: $12,639

Total Net Worth: -$4,136

Net Worth a Year Ago: -$10,954

Total increase in net worth in 2010: $6,818. Holy crap – looking at things from the “big picture” of fast forwarding a year I feel really, really good about the work I’ve done. Turns out I wasn’t so much a failure after all!

My goal for 2011? A POSITIVE net worth!

And of course, for you visually inclined individuals, a pictorial summary of my net worth:

13 thoughts on “Net Worth Update: January 2011

  1. That’s a great increase!

    I love how you are not stressing about the dollars and dimes and using $500 as the amount of cash on hand… I may borrow that too!

    Good luck for 2011!

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