2010 Goals – Failure?

I had 4 goals for 2010. I accomplished none of the financial ones. The main reason is that I underwent a HUGE life change in August by switching states and jobs. This changed my yearly goals. I was upset about not accomplishing any of them, but to be honest, I think that being flexible with your goals is the hallmark of financial freedom. Had I not  started on this financial quest then I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the move or the job change.

The first goal was to eliminate my credit card debt.

This didn’t happen. Or come even close to happening. I managed to get my debt down another $3,000. Which is significant, but not as substantial as I had hoped for. The main reason for this is that very soon in to the year I decided to switch my goals away from paying debt and towards saving for the pending move. I saved $5,000 that would have gone to debt. Add this to the amount in my stocks and mutual funds that I have earmarked for debt and I definitely would have been really close to paying off the debt.

The second goal was to maintain a $1,200 emergency fund.

Like I mentioned, I saved $5,000 for moving expenses in my emergency fund. I used every last dime of this to pay for some aspect of moving – whether it be deposit on my apartment, lease break fees at my old place, moving expenses, ect. I did get reimbursed $1,400 for moving expenses but I put that on to my debt rather than back in to my emergency fund.

The third goal was to not eat out for 345 days in 2010.

I made it through 8 months of not eating out before finally throwing the towel in. I stopped because the month I moved was too difficult to not eat out. It is very difficult to cook when your things are in boxes!  This was a pretty good success for me, I lost 25 pounds by not eating out. I saved quite a bit of money. I learned how to cook. And I don’t eat out as much now, even though I can. I made it a habit to eat in rather than eat out, and that is truly what I was trying to accomplish.

The final goal I had for 2010 was to do something every day that made me happy.

I’d say this goal was my greatest success. Yah, I stopped keeping track of what made me happy. But I did something that improved my overall life happiness: I changed jobs. I was miserable at my old job. Absolutely miserable. I didn’t like the town, my co-workers, and the dating life in a small, college town is a miserable if you’re not 24 years old (anymore).

Now I’m in a great city. I have a better job than I could have ever hoped for. I have an excellent group of people that I enjoy hanging out with. I have  a boyfriend who treats me better than any boyfriend I have ever had. I made a change in my life that has made me happy every day. This was my major success of 2010.


7 Responses to 2010 Goals – Failure?

  1. psychsarah says:

    I would definitely take failure out of the title of this post! Though you had to change some of your finance goals, you have made yourself a happier, more balanced lifestyle by finding satisfying work-a huge life success!

  2. I wouldn’t consider this a failure at all. Your debt IS decreasing, and you learned some valuable skills during your 8 months of not eating out. You may not have reached your exact goals, but small steps forward are still steps toward reaching your goal. Good luck in 2011!

  3. jpkittie says:

    no failure in my book!!!! it was a decrease, that is all that matters!!!! good luc in 2011 🙂

  4. I think you’re too harsh on yourself. Girl, you picked up and MOVED. Got a new apartment. Got a new job. Got a new boyfriend. And now your sister is moving in with you!

    With all these changes, I think you did a pretty great job. Hell, just not eating out for 8 months is WAY more impressive than I could ever do. So props to you.

    Also, Merry Christmas!

  5. Daisy says:

    Wow not eating out for 8 MONTHS?! thats amazing! I’d never be able to do that! Good job! I think you did really, really well

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