Christmas 2010

So here is the tentative Christmas plan. I have $480 available for me to use on Christmas. And these things that I need/want to buy:

  • Grandma – already spent $67 on her Christmas present (gave it to her Thanksgiving)
  • Dad – I’m torn between eReaders for him – approx cost $140. Plus $20 giftcard for books. Total: $160.
  • Sister – Paying for her spring semester of college, enough of a gift + $30 in books she’ll like
  • BF – We declared a $20 gift giving limit – Thinking a car cleaning kit for his new car.
  • Coworkers/Extended family – Spent $25 yesterday getting ingredients to make cookies for everyone. Bought a lot of cookie tins after Christmas last year to put them in.
  • Shipping: Probably will cost me about $30 to ship said cookies to extended family.
  • Christmas card postage: ~$10 I have quite a few stamps, but will need to buy a few more first classes. I bought Christmas cards last year after Christmas so no expense there.
  • Random male/female “oops I forgot about you gift” – bought after Christmas gift on sale for this purpose last year.
  • Decorations: Spent $20 on decorations for my apartment – lights/flowers/ect.
  • Pets: Spent $10 on gifts for the pets. Yah yah, I buy gifts for my pets. It makes me happy. =P

Total planned spending on Christmas: $372

Total available: $480

Wiggle room: $108.

I’m guessing that wiggle room money will go to slightly over spending on BF’s gift and me breaking down and still getting my sister something she wants for Christmas. Or maybe I’ll be a good little saver and put the wiggle room money in the E-fund. =)


2 Responses to Christmas 2010

  1. I have a kindle and I love it … but entirely for the ability to purchase books in places that there is no wifi. I’m not sure it’s worth it to buy any type of e-reader without access to a cellular network.

    Yay for you for having wiggle room – I’m already in the hole and sinking fast:)

  2. karen says:

    I agree: just save the excess for next year or towards debt. You agreed to $20 don’t break your budget and agreement. Also, I don’t think you need to spend more on your sister, either. I know it’s hard not to be giving this time of year.
    Although, maybe you could buy a AAA membership and have everyone on it. 🙂

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