Car Shopping

I never realized how much time and energy car shopping (in a hurry) would take.

Stock photo, of course!

BF has finally decided on the car he’s getting (after looking at just about every car out there it seems). He’s finally decided on a Nissan Versa. I approve this choice. To be honest, if I were buying a car today I’d get a Nissan Versa as well. I got one as a rental last July and fell in love with it. Roomy, drives great, inexpensive, but holds its value, nice insurance rates. Really, it is quite the package. BF is 6’4″ and fits in the front seat and I can sit right behind him and my knees don’t touch his seat. No other compact sedan that we looked at could we do this.

Since BF has other tall/large friends, this was the major selling point to him. Oh yes, also, the price.

So now that we have a car it is a matter of finding THE car. So we’ve found every used Versa in the area – all 6 of them. One is a stick (which I loved, I only drive stick), but BF didn’t like it – so it was out. A few had pretty high milage, a few were too far out of the price range, or too old (a 2007 for the same price as a 2009? um, what?!).

We’re down to one. A pretty white one. A 2010 with 11k miles for $12k. We’re going this afternoon to see about financing and all that. I tried and tried to talk him in to a $5k car, since that’s his down payment. But he likes the pretty, the shiny, the reliable. And I can’t blame him. The car has 2 years, 19k miles left of warranty and he can certify it up to 100k miles if he wants. It is a good buy. All the spiffiness of a new car, none of the depreciation.

My only fear? The car dealerships will try to talk him in to a new one for “only” $4,000 more. He was getting swayed last night when we went for a test drive. We’ll see if he can stay strong today when the pen hits the paper…


4 Responses to Car Shopping

  1. Julie K says:

    I have a 2009 Nissan Versa Hatchback and I love it! It’s a blast to drive! I was a little disappointed with the mileage…although it does get 400/tank (my Chevy Cavalier got better mileage but the Versa is much taller).

    • Julie K says:

      Oh ya, I wanted to buy used but did end up buying new (no pressure from the dealer) but I just bought the basic model…no alloys, sun roof, etc…

  2. Leighanne says:

    I also have a Versa…. 2008 Hatchback (standard). I bought it new (nothing used that I was looking at compared to it or the price) and I LOVE it.

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