More Fun With Transportation

So on my way home from picking Jack up from doggie daycare (4 hours before my flight for Thanksgiving was scheduled to leave) my alternator died. My console and radio went out first. The car started sputtering. I barely pulled into my apartment complex as the entire car shut down. Now, my car is parked on the opposite side of the complex (a good two physical blocks away, this is a huge complex). But it is still safe, in the complex, rather than in the middle of the street somewhere.

Jack and I walked the remainder of the distance home (which he was perfectly thrilled about the extra walk).

I called the auto people to confirm that, yes, all the symptoms I’m reporting are from the bad alternator. I’ll have to tow it in to the shop on Sunday (bummer).

Then I got on the internet and started looking up rates for airport shuttles. With only a 2 hour advanced notice for when I needed to be picked up and the Thanksgiving holiday I knew I would be cutting it close finding myself a ride.

After 3 calls I found a place that would take me to the airport, for $70. Well, it is only marginally more than the airport parking would have been ($48 for the trip). I’m hoping that BF’s car will get fixed by next Saturday when I need to be picked up.

I hate feeling stranded, and definitely hate feeling stressed about getting to the airport. I know it will all work out in the end but MAN is it stressful in the process.

I’m off to Thanksgiving now guys… I have no scheduled posts in the wings… so if you hear from me before Sunday it is because I’ve managed to sneak on to my grandma’s computer OR that I completely missed my flight!


3 Responses to More Fun With Transportation

  1. psychsarah says:

    Doh! What timing. 😦 I hope you’re able to enjoy your time with family and put the car out of your mind while you’re gone. Happy Turkey 🙂

  2. Red says:

    Sorry that happened to you! When I got my first car, the alternator died THE FIRST TIME I drove it. Well, technically the second time. I had driven the car to work on a Wednesday night, and on my way home, the radio went out first. Then the lights flickered and eventually went out. Then the car slowly crept to a stop. I called my dad in tears. My baby car! It was broken! Of course, he was able to fix it quickly, but I was seriously traumatized. 😉 Have a good time at home for Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh that would be stressful! Have a great thanksgiving!!

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