Well I have at least another year and a half..

Yesterday the chair of my department came in and asked if we could talk about the schedule of classes for next school year. I agreed.

I’m currently scheduled to teach classes both the Fall and Spring semester of next year. I knew that the chances of me getting “canned” were small… near infinitesimal to be honest… but there is some sort of relief in knowing that I’ll have a constant in flow of money for at least the next 19 months.

Oh, and have I mentioned, I love my job. Love it. I wanted a job where I felt like I made a difference, with coworkers that I can relate to and I appreciate them and they appreciate me. I have it. It is challenging, exciting, of course occasionally frustrating, but I love coming in. I love the work I do.

Was it worth 9 years of higher education and almost 3 years of postdoctoral training and $33,000 worth of debt (credit card and student loans)? Yes. Absolutely. In a heart beat.


2 Responses to Well I have at least another year and a half..

  1. psychsarah says:

    Glad you’ve finally found a job that you enjoy-it makes such a difference to daily happiness and contentment. It does make all the school/debt worth it eh? I found a great job after residency, and I would agree, it was absolutley worth the effort.

  2. findingserenity2010 says:

    That’s wonderful! Teaching is incredibly challenging, but the rewards are just as great. Of this semester’s group, I’ve seen some real shining stars who I think are going to be wonderful writers.

    Personally, I keep holding on to a shred of hope that either 1) my workload will get easier, or 2) the community college where I work will start paying a bit better. I have a feeling I’ll be down in these trenches a bit longer before I get to where you are, personally and career-wise.

    All the same, I’m really happy for you. For every academia horror story, I hope there’s many more like you!

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