Seasonal Job?

For the first time in my adult life I’m considering getting a seasonal job. I’ve thought about a few places I’d like to work – mainly ones where I could also get a discount on presents for people and are close to where I live.

I’m still unsure. I don’t want a second job to take away from too much time with the boy and I also don’t want a second job to take away from my primary job of being a professor. That said, our semester is done on December 15th, so after I get grades in I won’t have any work aside from preparing for next semester between then and when the Spring semester starts. So really a holiday job seems pretty ideal for me since the days I have off are also huge shopping days.

I’m still skeptical. I get paid good money right now for the work I do. I think it might kill me to work really hard days for just a little bit of money in an unskilled job. I’m also not sure how much money people make in the seasonal retail positions. $10/hr? $12/hr? Maybe more? Less? I have no clue!

I don’t know. That money would be nice to pay for the holidays, put on my debt, build up my savings with. I’m just not sure if it is worth the energy that I’ll put in to it. And I certainly don’t want to do it if it will pull be away from my primary responsibility of educating my students.

What are your experiences? Have you worked a holiday job? What sort of pay did you get and how much would you say you made over the season? Was it worth it? Would you do it again?



5 Responses to Seasonal Job?

  1. Serenity says:

    I would say go for it if you can balance the time. I did during grad school (at an unnamed department store), and it definitely wasn’t easy. Aside from finding time, you also rely on your seasonal employer to care about your schedule outside of work, and in my experience, they often don’t. As in, they scheduled me for when I have class, and they said “tough” when I complained. Not to mention all the other b.s. you have to deal with, like selling the company credit cards (ugh! bad memories!).

    The pay isn’t that great – often no more than minimum wage – but like you said, it doesn’t hurt to put some sweat equity into improving your financial situation, and every little bit helps. Hence why I teach and work part-time at the pet store. I have coworkers the CC who also work at other places, like a jewelry store or tutoring centers. It’s acceptable to have another job. I’ve already started planning for the interim month between semesters when I won’t get a paycheck for a month. And people think profs have it easy …

  2. I worked at the YMCA for 2 years as a group exercise instructor. It was a good part-time job, but didn’t work out for me in the end (my car got broken into one time). Anyways, you could always consider a PT job in your second passion and do it for the longrun. The gym job was great because I worked out and got paid and I got a free membership. Now I’m doing freelance writing which is the best part-time job EVER!! I love it and don’t see myself stopping that…ever. Anyways, just a suggestion to look for a side hustle (as J. Money would say) that you love.

  3. eemusings says:

    Retail is minimum wage here. I once applied for a few seasonal shop assistant jobs, but never got any.

  4. Anon says:

    I’m in the KC area and have worked seasonal jobs a couple of times. The retail jobs are generally about $8/hr. I know that there are a few shops hiring at Town Center Plaza but if you want a seasonal job, you’d better apply soon. They really look for people that can work over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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