$3 Lunches

One of the major perks of my new job is that I get $3 lunches in the school cafeteria. Now, forget whatever misconceptions you have about cafeteria food – this food is DELICIOUS. There are always home-cooked options and delicious choices for vegetables. I make sure when I get my meal that at least 1/3 of my lunch is some sort of veggie. Whether cooked vegetables or a spinach salad.

The pros are obvious. Cheap food, delicious food, healthy food.

The con was not something that I anticipated. When I was in my previous location (before the move), I would cook in the evenings SO THAT I could have lunch to take to work. One meal I cooked in the evening would also make 2 lunches for me during the week.

Now that my lunches are so varietal, delicious and inexpensive – I don’t need to make dinners to have lunches.

But this brings on another conundrum. Now that I’m not cooking to make lunches I’m barely cooking! I’ve cooked dinner for myself only three times now in the past two months. Like, cooking, cooked myself dinner. I still have my chips and salsa dinners, my peanut butter and jelly dinners, or my frozen pizza dinners. But making myself all the dishes I learned to cook before the move? Have barely tried.

I’m going to have to make an effort to cook for the BF and I at least 2 days a week I think. The wallet will appreciate it. The diet will appreciate it. I’m pretty sure the BF will appreciate it as well.

But man $3 lunches… Such a great perk of my job!


2 Responses to $3 Lunches

  1. Jealous! The costs for lunch while I’ve been taking my class has been adding up SOOO fast.

    • SS4BC says:

      Hehehe… the students still have to pay $8 for the exact same lunch that the faculty and staff get for $3. Lemme tell ya, students get screwed at college. 😉

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