Failbook Money

Okay, here is a dirty little secret about me. I am a sucker for Failbook and Lamebook. I just love reading people’s silly mistakes on Facebook and generally laugh about them quite a bit.

Today I checked Failbook and came across this little gem:


The hilarity being, of course, that this person has obviously just spent ~$200 for a new iPod touch, but can’t afford the $120 necessary to keep himself out of jail.

[Prepare yourself for lame analogy now]

In some ways I do think about my debt as jail. It is a prison of my own making. It is a 1/4 of my salary that goes away every month because of my past mistakes and my lack of dedication towards paying it off. It seems so large, so insurmountable. My debt is in fact a financial prison. It keeps me from saving adequately. It keeps me in a position of living nearly paycheck to paycheck. Of not being able to save for a house. Of not being able to buy a new car. This debt is my prison.

Then I have my “iPods” – those little purchases I can’t seem to shake myself from. I know I could live more frugally, but sometimes I feel like this is so barren of an existence already. But that is the debt talking I’m sure… I may need to sit down and figure out a very intense plan to get my debt down quickly and sharply. I want my money back.


4 Responses to Failbook Money

  1. findingserenity2010 says:

    I love Failbook! You should also check out “Learn from my Fail” (#LFMF) – they occasionally have money-related posts. But here’s my most recent favorite:

    “If you adopt a cat from a military family, ask what time they go to work before taking it. If not, be prepared to be awakened by said cat wanting breakfast at 0500 military time. Everyday. Forever. #LFMF”

    And hey, as long as you are working towards paying off your debt, give yourself a bit of a break. At least you haven’t given up yet! Check out Dave Ramsey, and let yourself sit down with a good book and a warm cat every once in a while. it’s much more fulfilling than buying yourself an iPod!

    • SS4BC says:

      Thanks for the new website to check out.

      As for Dave Ramsey, I’m well aware – PF blogging for 2 years you hear about him a time or two. 😉

  2. I’ve been feeling the same way about my debt lately and I’m ready to get drastic. I feel like I could do it if there were a way to figure out what, exactly, the timeframe would be. Unfortunately, I’m still not a great budgeter or expense-tracker. 😦 Let me know what you figure out, lady.

  3. Keep chipping at it! Once the debt is gone and compound interest is working for you rather than against you it gets a lot better.

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