Packing… packing… packing

I’ve finally gotten enough boxes packed that my apartment is truly unpresentable to any other human beings.

I have this weird tug of war going on with myself.

See, I have a lot of “stuff” and in theory I want to get rid of things when I leave. A significant amount of “things”. But then when I think about getting rid of it somehow my mind convinces me that it is silly.

Like I have this closet full of boxes that I never unpacked from the last time that I moved – but somehow don’t want to get rid of the things in them. Why?

There is just this weird, unexpected emotionally attachment to “things”. I want to move in 20 boxes. Right now I have 11 packed with just books, DVDs, and music. Nine boxes for my clothes and bedding and kitchen stuff and pictures and ect, ect, ect? Doesn’t seem likely.

I want to hold a garage sale to get rid of things but somehow just shoving everything in a box and dealing with it later seems like a better plan. I need to find the energy to really crank at this some weekend. Unfortunately the coming weekends don’t look good.

Next weekend: Going to Kansas to unload my office/sign lease/meet new people (I hope!)

Weekend after: Going with Mr Cousin to Cincinnati to visit Ikea (I’m moving even FURTHER away from an Ikea, so I’m going to get new dishware and some kitchen stools for my new apartment before I leave).

Weekend after that: Family reunion (out of town)

Weekend after family reunion: Last weekend at my apartment!!! Final pack up and get out of dodge.

Can’t believe that it is all happening so fast! I may be able to talk Mr Cousin into going with me on Monday instead of the weekend so that I can hold a moving sale that weekend, we’ll see. If all else fails I’ll make a few trips with my stuff in tow to the Goodwill. In the grand scheme of things I don’t “need” the money for my items. I sure would like it though!


5 Responses to Packing… packing… packing

  1. HappyTim says:

    I have grand goals of selling off some of my DVDs and Books before the next time I move (1-2 years?). I own at least 100 DVDs, and some of them HAVE NEVER BEEN OPENED. Usually those are $5 specials, but in the era of netflix and online streaming movies, there are about a dozen discs I actually rewatch with any regularity.

    I only have two boxes in my closet that I haven’t unpacked (although I have a couple totes of stuff from college in my old bedroom at my mom’s house). I consolidated 3 boxes like that down to one box over the past year, so that was kind of nice.

    Stuff is comforting. It’s a physical reminder we exist, that we can control our environment. It can remind us of a previous time, of people that were once important to us, or of the person we once were.

    I think with stuff there’s a middle road. Should we save year old newspapers and Entertainment Weekly magazines we haven’t read yet (like my mother?) I think those should be let go. But things with honest emotional attachment can be kept.

  2. Red says:

    Definitely find some time to de-clutter your stuff if you can. It will make moving (and unpacking) easier on you, plus if you haven’t opened those boxes since the last move, it’s obvious you don’t need the stuff!

    What always makes it easy for me to get rid of things I’m not using is to think about the people out there who would use them. Even if it’s just a pair of boots, I think, “Ok, you’re not wearing these at all, but some other chick might wear these every other day! They might be her FAVORITE pair of shoes!” If I can’t show my stuff the attention it deserves, then I don’t deserve to own it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yeah, I’d say donate or sell but with time against you and with so much to do before the move, it does seem easier to stuff it all in a bag and worry about it later. Though like Red, the above poster said, take some time to at least throw out stuff you know you really don’t want cause it’s just extra baggage weighing you down.

  4. Jessie says:

    That sounds rough – so much ‘stuff’ to sort through. I worry that Jordan and I will have to go through a huge purging if/when we ever move (we rent, so we’ll move eventually). I’ve collected enough ‘sutff’ to fill a whole house! I’m only 26!

    I would say, do you what you can – but don’t beat yourself up over it.

  5. Moonwaves says:

    People really seem to differ on this issue. Some people say just get rid of it, if you haven’t used it or looked for it in the last six months/year/two years, dump it. Others are like me. I am a hoarder and it took me years to get over that a bit. At least to the extent that I wasn’t hoarding too much new stuff. I started by stopping buying things such as souvenirs just because they were ‘cute’ and instead determined only to buy things that also have a practical function (the fact that I realised how much dusting those little knick-knacks really need along with the fact that I hate dusting did help!).

    Then slowly I started to clear out some of the older stuff I still had. I tore myself away from some dolls by giving them to my nieces. I threw all my stuffed toys in the washing machine and decided if any didn’t survive they would get dumped and the rest would go into a bag which is now my ‘drag it out when friends with kids come to visit’. Things like that.

    The thing is that there are some boxes I have moved more than once without even opening them and even though everyone tells me to just dump them I need to be ready for it first. It’s a whole strange psychological thing – I know that if I just got rid of them I would obsess about it afterwards. I have to mentally take a step back before I can physically do so. The tough part is not letting myself use that as an excuse to keep hoarding. After my last move (countries this time) I decided that I would definitely need to work on this so that next time I move, I’m not moving things I don’t really want. Finaly moving into an apartment on my own, with space to move has been a big help in this respect but it has still taken me two years to really finish properly unpacking. The last boxes and bags were mostly paper-based, from proper filing to various magazines and leaflets and so on that I’d picked up over the years, thought ‘that’s interesting’ and then had no-where to put it. Finally got through of all of that over the last month or so except for what’s still on my coffee table, which is due to get put away as soon as I’ve finished this extra-extra-long rambling comment.

    If I have a point it’s this, if you can get rid of some stuff before you move that’s great. But if you can’t and there’s a chance you might need a bit more time to psychologically distance yourself from those things, do give yourself the extra time to do so (maybe set a limit on how much time though ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Good luck with your move and your sister moving in.

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