Gosh, It Would Be Nice To Be Married

I’m working on my short term and long term budget for my new job. Honestly, the budget for the first year doesn’t look too bad. Thank you all who gave me your advice in my last post! I’ll be posting my budget shortly.

I then started making a long term savings budget. I assumed no raises and no other changes to my day to day budget. Just working with the amount that I will be making next year projected over the next 15 years.

After 2 years my debt will be gone.

After 5 years I’ll be able to buy myself a new car ($11k – I don’t plan on buying a car with frills and I plan on paying cash).

After 9 years I’ll get my E-fund fully funded (assuming I never have to pull from it, unlikely).

However, even after 15 years my house savings will only be at $46,000. I know saying “only” $46,000 probably sounds harsh. But I want to be able to buy a house for myself outright in cash. Thus it would take another 15 years just to be able to afford a “mid range” house now.

I just keep thinking that it would be so nice to have a second salary to add to these figures.

In my “ideal” world of husband + wife one salary would go to the bills and day-to-day living expenses and the second would go towards savings goals. I just imagine how quick it would be to get to a $250,000 savings goal when $3,000/month is being saved rather than just the $1,000/month that I can put towards it on my own.

Well, I suppose I’m moving to a whole new city with a whole new set of men, so who knows what sort of men I’ll find there who can share in my life goals with me. 😉


13 Responses to Gosh, It Would Be Nice To Be Married

  1. It’s nice to be partnered (we’re not married) but don’t think it’ll save you money, especially as a man. You’ll have expenses you never thought about. Your house will look nice and smell great but you probably saved more money when it was a frugal, utilitarian sh%^hole. Women have a whole bunch of societal pressures on them that you’ve never considered, everytime they have someone round they (or at least they think they are) being judged. Especially by Grandma.

    You can buy a really nice car for $3k? That would help you on your way to buying a house sooner.

    • SS4BC says:

      I’m a girl. =)

      I’ve been ignoring those societal pressures for 30 years now, don’t see it changing anytime soon. 😉

      • SS4BC i love your blog and I agree with most of what your saying. I’m just saying that there are these societal pressures on women and it would be fool hardy of me to pretend they don’t exist. Given that girl ninja is already pimping their appartment I think Ninja would be fool hardy to as well.

      • SS4BC says:

        Totally hear ya Benjamin, but I think they’re also HIGHLY avoidable. Trust me, the fact that I don’t fall for these societal pressures is one of the reasons why it is so hard for me to find guys.

        I don’t do the “hair products” or the “manicures” or “frilly vases” or whatever it is that girls enjoy. I’m way more of a tom boy in that respect. Which guys think they want… until they have it… and then they want someone who appreciates doilies and make up and not someone who can kick their booty at fantasy hockey. 😉

      • Hi SS4BC can you please delete my repy to your repy. I feel like a douche. I’m sorry

      • So how old are you 😉 Oh if you weren’t in another country:) You might think it’s made it harder for you to meet guys but it’s just made it harder to meet the wrong guy.

  2. Red says:

    Hehe! Well, I’m glad you’re taking an optimistic view of men in your new city!

    The fact of the matter is you’ll probably get a raise in the next 15 years that will help you reach your goals sooner. (I hope!) It does help to have two incomes working toward these goals, but even I think it will take us forever to save up enough to buy a home in cash. The thing is… It should take a while! Most people spend 30 YEARS paying off their mortgages. When I think of it that way, suddenly 6 – 10 years doesn’t sound so bad.

    • SS4BC says:

      You’re right and I know you’re right! I was just hoping that I would be able to save for it in 15!!!

      The “problem” with the budget, if you can call it that, is really that I don’t start “really” saving for the house until I have enough for the car – since my car is 8 years old now and I’m pretty sure I will need to buy a “new” one in the next 5 years. If I had no car expense or vacations or my emergency fund it would be easy to pay for a house in cash in 15 years. But I don’t want to give up my LIFE for 15 years for a house. So I guess I should make 25 my goal and hope that I find a strapping young gentleman in my new city who also wants to have financial freedom with me. =D

      And yes, I know that I will get raises, it is just easier to look at it from a “this is the minimum that it will be” point of view. Hopefully in 15 years I’ll have tenure and be making at LEAST $10k more per year – if not more. All of that which I plan on pooring into my savings.

  3. Airam says:

    LOL. A whole new set of men indeed!

  4. Kim says:

    Extra paycheck quickly disintegrates into child, daycare, and more expensive vacations. Just think, double the number of weddings you’re invited to! And ramp up the holiday travel. You do still come out ahead. Just not by double!

    • SS4BC says:

      Child/daycare – Not for me. No kids in my future plan.

      Vacations – Okay you have a point there.

      Double the weddings – LoL 0 x 2 = 0 still. But I get the point. 😉

      I think that two people could comfortably live on my salary, and part of the savings of the second paycheck would go to vacations and the like. =)

  5. TMcImmy says:

    Frankly, this is why no one pays cash for a house. Most of us would like to live in that house for those 10-15 years while paying it off.

    We obviously have all seen recently what can go very wrong when homes are overpriced. You’ve talked about Rent v. Own calculations before. There is a point where buying makes numerical sense, especially with a down payment.

    As far as saving money with a husband/wife goes, it really depends. I know you tend to live by yourself, so you could save a lot on rent compared to someone who has a roommate. Dating can be expensive, but living single can be cheap sometimes.

    But yeah, basically you’re running the numbers and seeing why people buy things on credit. Also why crazy hippies give up having a car entirely!

  6. Surfchic says:

    I’ve only just popped by to read some posts. Enjoy your writing so far! 🙂 Nice to hear your goals. Well thought out! I just wanted to post that nope, being married does not necessarily help towards your no debt/savings goals. Even tho everyone says “the 2 become 1” you actually have no control over what the other person in the relationship does. As much as you’d like to think they can be on the same page about finances and saving it’s rare that they are. It sounds like you would by-far be the more responsible one for savings…..very frustrating if your partner is not inclined that way!

    As for love – heck yeah – go for it!!!! There’s nothing quite like it and being married – super! Love it, would recommend it to anyone. Just don’t fall for any make believe ideas that the marriage/wedding vows/rings bring a new world of adult responsibility and savings – it just doesn’t! 🙂

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