Rawr – Quote Fail (on my part)

So here is how it went down.

On June 4th I visited this apartment complex and got a quote for the apartment I wanted. It was $758/month + $35/month pet rent. Total of $793/month. Which was only slightly higher than the other place I was looking at. Since this had a garage and all sorts of other awesomeness about it I decided to go with it.

So I called the leasing place and they only had an apartment for me for Sept 5th. Mildly inconvenient, but I’ve worked through the issues associated with rehousing my pets and myself for 3 weeks. I sent them my deposits and money for a credit check. Got approved.

Today I called and asked if any new apartments had become available (there is a possibility that something could become available sooner up until Friday of this week). Nothing. Then I asked what apartment number this Sept. 5th apartment was so that I could look at where it was located on the site map (BTW, GREAT LOCATION, I’ll have a private driveway to my garage AND only one attached neighbor!).

The leasing manager told me she would send me a quote for that apartment. WELL, when I got the NEW quote (after I sent in my deposit) the rent (not including pet rent) was $791/month. I emailed back and asked why the change since no one had mentioned to me a different rent up until this point. And they essentially said that the quote I originally received had expired on June 6th, and since I didn’t give them the deposit check before that I couldn’t lock in that quote. Which makes sense, but I’m more angry that they never told me in the intervening 3 weeks that the price had gone up!

So anyway, now the total rent per month will be $826/month. I still have the option to take back my deposit and forfeit the $35 credit check fee. But I like love the apartment. And since I negotiated a $2,000/year higher salary I guess this will be okay in the long run. Just more pissed at myself for not insisting on a new quote before sending in the checks. Lesson learned.

Now I’ll have to revise my budget for Kansas… yet again….


4 Responses to Rawr – Quote Fail (on my part)

  1. eemusings says:


    Still, it sounds like a freaking fabulous place and I’m sure it will be totally worth it.

  2. TeacHer says:

    In my neck of the woods that kind of place would go for at least $1500 a month (probably closer to 2K), so I still think you’re getting an INSANE bargain, but I understand your annoyance. Oh well…keep celebrating your new job and try to forget about this minor flub.

  3. Karen says:

    Negotiate a discount. Same thing happened to me and I got them to drop the rent a little.

  4. ouch. $40 increase. is there no way at all that they’d budge back down a bit?

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