Moving Expenses

Okay, so it is about time that I put together a budget for how much this whole move is going to cost me. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to like how this turns out. =)

1. Moving truck/storage/loading/unloading – Doing this all through UPack. I got a quote for $1,686. When I know my exact move in date I’ll be able to get a better estimate. This will be nailed down exactly by July 5th.

2. Dog boarding – I’ll be staying with a friend for 2-3 weeks (exact move in date needed for this as well), but she can’t have pets. So I’ll be putting Jack in boarding for this time. Max amount: $500.

3. Cat lodging – A friend (Mr Cousin, for those of you with back history on SS4BC) has agreed to take my cats, but I will want to compensate him for his efforts. I’ll probably buy him dinner when I drop them off and come back to get them. Also I’m planning on giving him $100 for keeping them. Max amount: $150.

4. Temporary housing – I’ll be staying with Okturn Delmoniq’s sister for 2-3 weeks (again will be set by July 5th), and I will want to pay her some rent money. We haven’t discussed how much but I think that $200-300 would be good. It is also possible that she won’t let me pay anything. In which case I’ll have to pay her in food. πŸ˜‰

5. Gas – I’ll have to make two trips from where I live now to where I’m moving to in Kansas. Once to move myself, the second time to get my animals. Also, Okturn’s sister lives 40 miles from where I will work. So I’ll have an hour commute each way for the first few weeks. All told this will probably cost me about $500 extra in gas money.

6. Moving Supplies – I’m getting all my boxes free from work, but I’ll still need to buy things like bubble wrap and probably some picture boxes from UHaul for my paintings. I don’t think that this will cost more than $100.

7. New Apartment Expenses – I’ve already paid $435 for my credit check, security deposit and pet deposit. I still have first months prorated rent (~$690, assuming Sept 5th move in) and $500 for a pet fee. I won’t count the rent expense since I would have to pay that if I didn’t move, so total here: $935.

8. Old Apartment Expenses – I’ll need to get cleaners to shape up my carpet before I leave, as my animals have definitely made stains. Got a few quotes, seems like I’ll be paying around $120. I’ll also have to pay a fee to have my lease changed over. I believe this is a $250 fee, I’ll need to ask to confirm. Total: $370.

Okay – so all told it looks like this move is going to cost me $4,541.

I will be getting $1,500 in moving expenses from my job. I paid a $650 deposit for the apartment here, so assuming there are no issues then I should be getting that back as well. Total: $2,150.

So the total net that I’ll end up having to pay will be around $2,391. Like I said, I’ve already paid $435 of this from my emergency fund. I have $2,732 left in the E-fund. Thus, if none of my expenses go over what I’ve anticipated I should have enough money to make this move without using my credit card for anything that won’t be reimbursed in the future (ie moving expense money from job probably won’t be given until Aug 31st).

All told though, that is A LOT of money to move. Of course it would be a lot less if the an apartment in the complex I want opens up a week sooner. Ugh… I wish that would happen!!


2 Responses to Moving Expenses

  1. Revanche says:

    Oh man, I wish I could send you my box of bubble wrap. I have SO MUCH left from my move! πŸ™‚

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