Woke Up Early

I have a meeting today at 8:30am. I intended to get up at 7am. Somehow I was up at 6am and out the door at ten till 7. I’m still not quite sure how this happened.

But the upside is I’m at work early and no one is here and I have a chance to just sit and reflect – ON APARTMENTS.

I called the apartment complex of apartment #3. The apartment they did have available in a timely manner has been rented, the only other one they have won’t be available until September 5th. Since I was planning on moving August 14th or sooner, this would really be a pain in the bootay. There is a possibility that another apartment might open up – but it isn’t a certainty in the least.

I looked at some temporary housing situations, but all the extended stay hotels I could find online were $1000 for the time period I wanted. I emailed Okturn Delmoniq‘s sister to see if I could stay with her, but honestly even if she said yes I’m not sure that imposing myself and three animals upon her would be a good idea – also it would be a terrible commute for 3 weeks (she lives 45 miles away).

So I have decided that I’m probably going to rent apartment #1. I’ll save up money each month that is the difference in rent between the two apartments for moving expenses if I decide I want to move. I’ll be saving $42/month by not going to that apartment (and even more since the Starbucks won’t be on my commute lol). If I don’t like the place I’m living I can move out in a year and use the money I saved on rent to pay for it. If I do like my cheaper place than I can stay there and put my savings towards debt or a future house fund.

If however, the other complex I like gets back to me today or tomorrow to tell me that someone has finally given them their 60 day notice (which they were anticipating Friday) then I’ll only be put out for about a week or a week and a half at most. That is something that I can most definitely deal with, especially if they can get me in before my teaching would start (August 31st).

The quote for apartment #1 (and #2) expires tomorrow at the end of the day. I need to just have an apartment, I can’t continue waffling, so I’ll pick at apartment by tomorrow. For sure…. I hope….


3 Responses to Woke Up Early

  1. Okturn delMoniq says:

    Did my sister get back to you? I am sure that she would be okay with the animals.

    And good luck with your meeting. I have a meeting at 9am this morning. UGH.

    But hooray for apartments!! I love that you have a plan. =)

    • SS4BC says:

      No she hasn’t. But I sent her a message on Facebook. LoL.

      So I’ll call her home phone tonight if need be, since I know she isn’t as big of an online junky as we are. =)

  2. I figured you’d choose 3. And #1 was my 2nd choice. 😀
    I hope you get something soon. The 3rd place would be great but too bad about the timing.

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