I’m So Fickle

Pretty much as soon as I posted that last post I realized that my options were more than I was thinking. So I’m just going to let you guys help me decide. I know what I’m leaning towards, but I’m curious what the general population thinks

Apartment #1

The apartment has a 670 sq ft floor plan. It is on the 3rd (top) floor with trey ceilings. Includes a washer and drier in the apartment. There is no covered or assigned parking. No dining room in the floor plan. The complex is 4.5 miles from campus. When I was there, there were students also looking at apartments, so it is likely that there will some students around. The rent is $756/month including pet rent.

Apartment #2

This apartment is the same floor plan as apartment #1 and in the same apartment complex. However, it is a ground floor apartment and includes a nice little backyard area for the dog. It is iron fencing, so I couldn’t keep him out there during the day, but he could go out without me having to put a leash on him. They would mow the yard area for me. The rent is $788/month including pet rent.

Apartment #3

This apartment is 7 miles from campus, so the commute is a bit longer, but would also most likely be student free living. The style of this complex is townhome, so there would be no one below or above me. There would be a garage on the bottom floor with the washer and drier in the garage area and the top floor would be my apartment. It is 750 sq ft (not including the garage sq ft) and includes a dining room area. The grounds of the complex include a lake that I could walk my dog around and they’re putting in a dog park for the residents this summer. Rent here including pet rent would be $793/month.

So there are my options. I like them all. I have my leanings but I don’t want to try to influence yours!

This is my first time making a poll on here! Hope it works! =D

8 Responses to I’m So Fickle

  1. Does apt #2 include a w/d? Does apt #3 have a gym membership included (I am assuming that, since #1 does, #2 does as well)?

  2. I’d go with 3 then. There’s no real difference via auto between 4.5 and 7 miles and having green space makes a big difference. For me, at any rate, it would be worth giving up $37 / month in extra spending to have a lake and a dog park. The only reason to go for #1 is if you would feel safer on the third floor, but it doesn’t sound like you are moving to a high-crime area in either case.

  3. TMcImmy says:

    My Vote is #3

    4.5 miles is too far to walk. I suppose you could bike 4.5 a lot easier than 7 miles, but my assumption is parking on campus isn’t too awful, so one of the potential biking advantages is muted.

    Having a garage is amazing. At least, I think it is, lacking one. It gives you extra storage space, and a place to keep your car in the cold months. It also is safer for both theft and coming home late at night. Also, not sure what the laundry situation in 1/2 is, but having them in unit is really handy for when you want to wash your clothes at midnight.

    #1 has the price advantage, almost $50 a month. But #3 is giving you a lot of value for that $50 extra.

    • SS4BC says:

      I agree with you TMcImmy – I called the leasing place yesterday – the apartment they had has been leased. They may get more with other lease start dates, but they would all be after my job has started. So I’d have to find some other place to live for a week or two. I’m going to talk to Okturn Delmoniq’s sister to see if she wouldn’t mind putting me up for a few weeks until my job starts. We’ll see. =)

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