Apartment Stuff

I finally decided on the apartment that I wanted. It is a third floor apartment, slightly smaller than I’m in now (the floorplan eliminates the dining room, which is fine I don’t need that), and $40 more per month than I’m paying now. However, there is a gym on site, so I’ll eliminate that monthly and yearly fee ($20/month and $70/year for a locker). Sure it isn’t a net savings, but the apartment is SUPER nice compared to the crap hole I’m in now. So I consider this a bonus for only a net of $20 more per month.

The apartment won’t be ready for me until the 14th, my start date is the 16th, so it will be a quick move. Also, this helps me feel more settled about my end date here (I’m going to have it be August 6th, I’m pretty sure).

I got quotes from ABF to move me. They moved me from San Diego to my current location and I couldn’t say enough good things about them.

Currently I’m looking at $1200 for two relo-cubes – OR – $1600 for a truck AND movers. I must say, the idea of having people move me sounds AWESOME. Especially since I’m moving from a third floor apartment to a third floor apartment. Also, since I would have to fly people out to help me load and unload, I think that $400 more is a pretty good price (much less than two round trip plane tickets for 2 friends to help).

I feel so much better now that I know SOME stuff and can start planning. I was getting very anxious not knowing what was going on!!


2 Responses to Apartment Stuff

  1. Jessie says:

    My best friend recently moved from BC to AB. She loaded her car up w/ as much as she could and shipped the rest Greyhound.

    Getting movers sounds wayyy easier

  2. The apartment layout looks great! Nice walk-in closet! 🙂

    When I moved within ON I used movers and it cost about $1300 and I packed everything myself. B used moves from NS to ON and spent about $2600 to have them pack his whole apartment move his stuff. Having movers was AWESOME, if only for the fact that they unload everything for you. Good luck!

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