Apartment Sale

One of the things that I’ve wanted to do is have a garage sale. However this is a little hard when you don’t really have a garage. Or a yard.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to have an apartment sale to get rid of some of my stuff.

I’ll put everything I want to keep in my bedroom, shut the door. And everything I don’t want in my living room. Then people will come and buy my stuff and I’ll be a millionaire! Right?

My goal is to get rid of about 50% of my belongings. I would like to do this before I move (whenever this will be).

I want to get rid of my couch, TV, TV stand, china hutch, coffee table, some fans, most of my DVDs, some musical instruments, dining table and chairs, craft supplies, ect, ect, ect. I feel like I have enough stuff to warrant having my own sale.

What I’m thinking of doing is picking a weekend in late June to do one, then again in August (when the students come back to town) and then if I still have stuff left a last one in September. Then anything I don’t get rid of that I don’t want will be donated to charity.

The reason for multiple sales is that I can imagine that A) some stuff won’t get sold the first time around and B) that I’ll probably find more stuff I don’t want after a second or third pass through.

I moved to my apartment in the Midwest in two moving pods.

When I leave I want to use just one. Since I’ve acquired some furniture since I got here this will be quite an undertaking. I think I can do it. I may also have to get rid of more clothes. I don’t know why, but getting rid of clothes and books are two things that pain me a lot.

I’m also going to get a hard drive and put my three file drawers of paperwork on to the hard drive and then back them up onto a DVD. But I’ll need to get a better scanner than the one I have. I think the community college has a printer that you can use to scan things to file, so I may try to use that, since it will make it go MUCH faster. I’m going to get rid of the scanner I currently have (hopefully) in one of my apartments sales. The apartments I’m looking at in Kansas all have 24-hr business centers and my work will have printing. So I won’t need a personal printer anymore. NICE!


4 Responses to Apartment Sale

  1. Dave says:

    Scanning to PDF on a copy machine is awesome! If you have a fast copier. Working at a school we’ve got those one million page per year copy machines with the auto document feeder. I’ve scanned hundreds of pages of my school work right to a PDF. It’s taken me at most 30 minutes total. And only that long because I’ve had to remove some staples. It’s addicting.

    • SS4BC says:

      That is exactly what I want to do! I think the school that I adjunct at has this, I just need to learn how to use it. To a PDF would be AMAZING!

      • Dave says:

        On the machine where I work on the left there’s buttons for copy or scan. Just press scan, then select public folder, then copy like you normally do. It does double sided too.

        The IT department would have to setup the copy machine on the network. To get the files I log on to any computer and copy them off of a public folder. Ask the secretary or an IT person. They probably know.

  2. Confused says:

    First of all, congrats on the job offer! That’s great! I can’t wait to hear about how your apartment sale goes. I was curious about doing this for myself to get rid of some stuff while making a little money too.

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