Today I had my first academic interview.

It was exhausting.

I won’t go in to a lot of details but here is the summary.

It went really well.

I guess the Vice President told the department Chair while I was meeting with the President that he was VERY impressed with me.

And one of the members of the search committee found me after my meeting with him to tell me that he and another member of the search committee had been talking about some of the issues that I brought up in our meeting and wanted to thank me for stimulating such helpful discussion. He said to me that he thought that I would make a great colleague.

The chair said that I “presented myself very well” on the interview.

The students really seemed to like me and I got along quite well with them – they were a great group of students.

So we’ll see, I’m not certain I’ll take the position if they offer it. But I really enjoyed the environment and think that I could add a lot to the department.

They are interviewing another candidate Tuesday next week and will make a decision after that.


6 Responses to Interview

  1. Yay. I’m glad it went well. I’ll cross my fingers for you. 🙂

  2. joshuca says:

    Awesome! The first interview is always so exciting!

  3. Jethro says:

    I am sorry that I am not up to date but what kind of job/career field exactly are you trying to get into.

  4. psychsarah says:

    I liken academic interviews to marathons. They both require a lot of endurance. Props to you for getting through it and making a good impression. 🙂

  5. Airam says:

    Even if you are offered the position and decide not to take it, its good to know that you are making good impressions on your interviewers. Good luck!

  6. Ann says:

    Great job! Interviews can be so nerve wracking but it sounds like you made quite an impression! 🙂

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