My NetWorth Didn’t Increase!

For the first time since starting to record my NetWorth – it hasn’t gone up. It went down $17. =(

Mainly this is because  the economy has dropped a lot and my stocks/mutual funds lost a fair bit of value. My stocks lost 14% of their value and my mutual funds 4%. That I was able to stay about even with this loss should tell you two things:

  1. I don’t own a lot of stocks/mutual funds
  2. My savings/debt payment still rocked

My savings account still went up and my debt load still went down (though sparingly on both as I’m not getting a lot of extra money these days).

Here is the full breakdown.


  • Cash: $500  (I always just use this value, since it is the average of what I have in my checking account on any given day of the month)
  • Stocks: $1,190
  • Retirement: $10,213
  • Mutual Funds: $5,943 (not updated)
  • E-fund + Yearly savings: $3,745


  • Student loans: $14,738
  • Credit card: $11,053

Total net worth: -$4,200

All in all, this isn’t too bad. I knew that the summer would be hard because of the lack of extra funds from teaching and tutoring. We’ll see how the next few months progress!

And the pretty picture for those of you who like these kind of things:

4 thoughts on “My NetWorth Didn’t Increase!

  1. I’m not looking forward to doing this calculation for May – about half of my net worth is invested!

    At any rate, I think you have the right attitude. After all, if your cash is going up and your debt is going down, that’s really the most important thing. We’re in it for the long haul, so these variations in the stock market should smooth out over time.

  2. For the market going down 14% – I’d say you’re still doing a heck of a job for having your network only decrease by $17 bucks.

    Way to go!

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