Net Worth – One Year Anniversary

For the longest time I was afraid to calculate my net worth. It took me almost 9 months after I started my blog to start calculating my net worth.

Here is where I sat a year ago, May 2009:

Assets: $10,300
Debts: $30,971
Total Net Worth: ($20,672)

One year later this is where I’m at: May 2010

Assets: $21,699
Debts: $25,882
Total Net Worth: ($4,183)

That is an increase in net worth of $16,489.

It really strange to look at that debt value from May 2009. That is only a $5,000 difference. Yet I’ve paid so much down on my debt each month. It is really starting to hit me how expensive interest really is. I put money into my investments and savings at the same rate that I pay off my debt and yet my assets have increased at a far great rate than my debts. I know this makes sense to math people, but I am totally getting it now.

Here is a more careful breakdown of my Net Worth for May 2010:


  • Cash: $500  (I always just use this value, since it is the average of what I have in my checking account on any given day of the month)
  • Stocks: $1,384
  • Retirement: $10,654
  • Mutual Funds: $5,943
  • E-fund + Yearly savings: $3,218


  • Student loans: $14,823
  • Credit card: $11,059

Total net worth: -$4,183

This is an increase of $2,584 since last month, or 37.80%. Go Me!

For the graphically inclined:

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