Being Proactive

Last Wednesday I was in the Chair’s office at the community college and asked him if the schedule for summer was set. He never actually told me one way or another, I just had to surmise.

He said yes, that it was, and that he wasn’t able to move a class for me.

Which, I wasn’t too surprised at.

Then I spoke up and said something along the lines of “Well, if anyone needs a sub over the summer please let me know. And also, if any of the students mention they need tutoring please feel free to give them my contact information.”

He said he would. I think he will, he generally likes me. So maybe I’ll still get some extra money over the summer from a few tutorees and maybe a sub in or two.

He then said we was planning on having me teach the evening General Chem for majors in the Fall. It is once a week in the evening. I kinda need two classes to get out of debt as soon as humanly possible. So I said something like “I could also do the lab as well, I can manage two nights a week of class.”

So we’ll see how it all works out. I actually really enjoy teaching the Chem for non-majors, but maybe I’ll like the majors class even more. We’ll find out! =D


4 Responses to Being Proactive

  1. Okturn delMoniq says:

    Sweet! I hope that he does send students your way. That would rock, and I know you like the tutoring. =)

  2. Good luck, hope you get some tutoring and subbing in the summer. Also hope you are able to get that lab in the fall too. Keep us updated!

  3. Hope it works out and you get the two classes you want.

  4. Jessie says:

    That’s great! Hopefully by being proactive like you are, you’ll get the classes you want (and get debt free as soon as you want!).

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