Good bye $150

I spent a lot yesterday in a matter of two hours.

I picked up two dresses/outfits from Express for $65 (got $30 off the total price). Both are awesome and will be GREAT weekend wear/going out on dates outfits. I bought them for my upcoming trip to Vegas in TWO WEEKS. WOO HOO!

Then another $25 at Target getting toilettries for the gym. I’ve decided that on the days I work out at noon (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) that instead of showing first in the morning before coming to work and then AGAIN after working out just to rinse off that I’ll just do my only shower at the gym. So I bought a second set of face wash, shampoo, deodorant, body wash, and a shower caddy for my gym locker.

Then I went and spent $65 on produce, food, ect at the grocery store. I seriously only had a list that included maybe about $25 worth of produce, but somehow spent WAY too much. And I made sure to eat before hand, too. It wasn’t like I got crazy stuff that I’ll never eat. I was buying things like rice and poptarts. I always eat rice and poptarts. 😉

Anyway, I hate having days where I spend that much money – even if I’m totally okay with each of the purchases. They just make me feel further away from my goals.


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