God, I’m such a slacker for not getting to this post sooner. I didn’t file my taxes until April 13th.

The reason is simple: I OWE MONEY

When I owe money I wait until the last possible moment to file. But I don’t want to wait until the 15th, just in case something goes wrong with logging in, ect.

I worked up my taxes in February. And because of the fact that my community college didn’t take out any federal taxes (this has been rectified, fyi) I owe $512 to the federal government, and have a refund from the state of $120.

I am planning on paying the federal amount with my emergency fund. And replenishing with the state refund. My E-fund will be around $400 lower, but that’s okay. It will get to $5,000 soon enough.

I feel like a bad personal finance blogger for not talking about this before hand. But I’ve just let it shift to the back of my mind. I have so many different forms now that I’m so afraid that I’ve forgot one! A little bit unnerving, really.

Alas, another tax season is upon us. I heard that performers have to file taxes in every state they performed a concert in. OH MY WORD would that be awful! Good thing they hire people to take care of that stuff for them!


3 Responses to Taxes

  1. Beckey says:

    I also didn’t pay my taxes until the 13th, so I hear you. I owed for the first time in my life…I don’t ever want to owe again.

  2. Ronnie says:

    I also owed taxes. I paid those bad boys back in February so I wouldn’t have to think about it. At this stage, given what I owe, I don’t mind just paying them when I file. Also, don’t forget that filing and paying are 2 separate matters. You can file in February and still not pay until April, you can pay in April and file for an automatic extension until October. They just care that you pay in April. Single-minded focus, those folks!

  3. Kelsalynn says:

    We owed this year and I waited until April to file. Normally I’m way on top of things and file right away. Oh well. You’re not a bad pf blogger!!!

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