Free Movie Ticket!

My local grocery store, Kroger, is doing a deal with Digital Choice Media where if you buy 10 of their “select” products you get either:

* A free movie ticket

* 15 music downloads

* 15 free ringtones

Well, I don’t have a phone that I can use the ringtones with, I still have 50 free music downloads from buying an mp3 player a year ago that I still have never used, so the obvious choice for me was a free movie ticket.

Better yet, Rockstar was one of their preferred products! EVEN BETTER, the Rockstars were on sale 2 for $3, rather than $2 each!

So I picked myself up 10 this morning and have already redeemed my free movie ticket (up for $12 value).

I ended up getting 10 Rockstars and a movie ticket for $16 (including tax). Not too shabby! I’ve already redeemed the movie coupon and have it printed out, it was a super simple process that took maybe 45 seconds to do. =)

I may end up going back and buying more Rockstar before this promotion/sale ends. I _WILL_ drink the Rockstar (I bought 96 of them last September when they were 2/$3 AND I had a $1 off each can coupon and have only 3 remaining of that stash) – so I feel like I might as well get a free movie out of the deal. =)

Also, I should check eBay to see if there are any Rockstar coupons floating around right now… who knows maybe I’ll be able to get my Rockstar for SUPER cheap AND get free movie coupons in the process!

One Response to Free Movie Ticket!

  1. You are such a Rockstar!!

    LOL. I am glad that you are getting a great deal on it. That is super awesome!

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